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  • i love th look of 9dragons it looks cool and stuff and i think it is a better game for a PtM because itis more of a casual game and not a gamer GRRRRR!!! game that sortof thing hats what i reckon anyway
  • Originally posted by sullivanj69 I don't have a problem controlling a character with either click to move or WASD, however, with click to move after a while my clicking finger starts to hurt.  Ill start using my middle and ring fingers and after …
  • im deciding between shaolin and beggars. beggars becausei love kung fu movies and Jackie Chans drunken boxer 2 was AWESOME. also i like shaolin becuse they fight because they must not for pleasure or personal gain
  • what i find really annoying about the WASD movement is in PvP because in Wasd games i use skills with my mouse. and when i cliuck on my skill i have to look at where it is unlike if i use number keys to use skills. and yes i know i can use skills wi…
  • i haven't played the game but so far it looks really good and i love historical MMO's so how come you hate it so much??  
  • excuse me i really like the sound of the game. I REALLY REALLY WANT TO START PLAYING IT!!! i was going to play WoW again and now ive forgotten my password and my secret Question so i went on this site and found this, i love historical based MMO's …
  • i have an undead character and some of the quests say that you need to gather the following:bla bla blaaaa bla bla to create an evil plague to destroy all living things..... whats not evil about that. but then again, Undead are my favourite race and…