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  • EVE-Online, unsharded single game verse with PvP.
  • Originally posted by Xpheyel My only issue with the single shard design is the question of population density over the game area and content created. Games that manage to create enough "land" to get away with it are often buggy or have relatively lo…
    in Shards Comment by Naos June 2007
  • Good to see a few still hang around, I'm sure more Gemini or Beta guys will be found at the next Sci-Fi space mmorpg.
    in Gemini vets Comment by Naos June 2007
  • Just one question, Is it dead yet?
  • I was using Fedora Core until my mobo died and FC has ACPI/APIC issues with my new ASUS Av8-mx atm, thats what got me looking around I forgot to mention PCBSD has Nvidia prop drivers avail, not sure what if any ATI are.. I did see Solaris on my …
    in PCBSD Comment by Naos May 2006
  • omg! I'm so sending this to everyone I know mhuhahahha!
  • Originally posted by Mantees Hi all. I am thinking about starting to play Everquest 2 again.My only proble: I only have the original 2 DVD version and since I moved to a new house I sadly have to stick with 56K (on a noisy line, wich makes 3KB/s whe…
    in Patch size Comment by Naos May 2006
  • Maybe there are others like myself who no longer play EVE but appreciate it more and more with every awful new mmorpg we try. *(Best wishes to the UKC)
  • Good news indeed! CCP have made a game that stands head and shoulders above the rest and the EVE playerbase is by far the most interesting bunch of folk in any mmorpg. It will be very interesting to see how the Devs adapt the game as EVE-Online dr…
  • Hmm left E&B for the EVE beta so I guess.. 1. E&B sucked. 2. Your asking the wrong guy. (nuff with E&B necrophilia plz!)
  • Originally posted by cryora what black hole? the one with the epicenter and the singularity?? no. theres a forum bug that eats posts. [insert witty reply..]
  • "What game is the most player influenced?" EVE-Online without a doubt, the playerbase are the game.
  • Originally posted by Razorback Naos Your thinking of Ridgeback..... In Australia Razorback refers to the largest and most dangerous Wld Boar. The kind of pig that when you shoot it with something less than a proper hunting rifle its just pisses it …
  • Originally posted by Razorback Originally posted by Naos The man has a right to hunt and he finds enjoyment doing it.. so what does it have to do with you? Dont like it then dont do it, dont try to force your opinions on anyone... "Aww it was such …
  • Originally posted by nissa_red Originally posted by sleepyguyftl Originally posted by Kurir No new player can compete with the skill level of a player that has been with the game since release and consequently in my opinion will quit after figuring …
  • Is this with or without a global outbreak of chiken flu?
    in 9 Billion Comment by Naos July 2005
  • The man has a right to hunt and he finds enjoyment doing it.. so what does it have to do with you? Dont like it then dont do it, dont try to force your opinions on anyone... "Aww it was such a pretty bear *sob*", yeah well it was also top of its fo…
  • No its never too late.. even a week old newbie can play a part in a fleet Op, more so now than ever. What I would have given to have half of the content ingame now when I started out
    in is it too late Comment by Naos July 2005
  • Such a shame to hear but game Devs need to focus on making something really "new" and not just another EQ ish game in another setting... And there are loads of us that dislike fantasy games in general, nothing wrong with Sci-Fi as long as it is do…