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  • Originally posted by Ciccero Customer service=non-existant If you're talking about Gala-Net, I would have to disagree to a certain extent. I have yet to be ignored by their support staff. I sent a lot of emails regarding Rappelz and my gPotato prof…
  • Bah, too bad it's North America only. 7354 keys left. I got my HoN key at the same place.
  • The way I see it, releasing a game of this quality as without-subs is either a motivation for the team, or a show of confidence that they can come up with new, sellable content (in the form of expansions and campaigns every few months, among others).
  • Originally posted by wrockholz   Little to no content patches, the expansions are really the only form of expanded content in this game.   I had always hoped for something similar to the addition of Sorrow's Furnace, at least one each for the o…
  • Originally posted by Flummoxed Wow, only 4 years?  Seems like it's been around much longer.  For a game that has 0 buzz anymore, grats to NCsoft for keeping it going.  People must still be playing. Yeah, much of the updates is geared towards exist…
  • The DR devs have done a great job of evolving the game (within the constraints of a casual MMO), IMO. I've been on-and-off DR since it launched, and I see myself spending more time with it recently, due to the changes in gameplay. I like what they …
  • Originally posted by gath The MMORTS i know are: http://www.playsaga.com/ http://www.dreamlords.com/ And there's atleast 1 more, but cant really remember the name (i'm a bitty little tiny DRUNK!) This?: http://worldshift-game.com/ (Looks a…
  • Originally posted by yoni333 very good job but can you explain why gw is not wow just without monthly pay? i didnt understood what the big difrenet? Players who have experienced GW can keep telling you in different ways how it's different from Wo…
  • Originally posted by Vrazule Originally posted by rev_lazaro Vrazule I'm confused: Are you praising their approach to finally making the PvP changes separate from the PvE or are you criticizing it? Everything you listed sounds like what Anet accompl…
  • Originally posted by Godliest And after beating the dead horse in PvE you can go and check out PvP and realize that's fucking awesome! Or at least that's what I did, and now I'm a HA addict. I just recently got hooked on AB myself, as a result of g…
  • http://www.binaryzoo.com/games/echoes/index.htm
  • Thank you ArenaNet for finally creating end-game weapons for Prophecies! They all look badass! Happy birthday, Guild Wars!
  • RF is published here in the Philippines, so I understand that part of the IP block, but Archlord too? Perhaps a SEA region version is in the works?
  • Originally posted by Unicorns_Pwn ...is about as useful as tits on a pogostick. Sounds useful to me, or at least I'd like to see it in action.
  • Seems like Dungeon Runners to me: cartoony graphics, instanced dungeons, limited camera movement... is it?
  • Originally posted by jrah I've wondered if someone has tried to get both Survivor and Legendary by having a party with a friend and letting the friend Death Level the beastie, then kill it and share the XP while your PC doesn't die. It would be eve…
  • Originally posted by mindspat Originally posted by Deathstrike2 Originally posted by Kazzer omg... why the heck... why is it good, there are nibbles in the game? cant they focus on better stuff than nibbles What the heck is a nibble? …
  • Guild Wars mainly, with a little Dungeon Runners every now and then. Been meaning to try out either Sword of the New World or Perfect World, though.
  • By "floating", do you mean hovering/flying above the ground? Or just moving around following their owners? In any case: http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Miniature
  • Originally posted by gil0 there are over 1200 skills in all the GW`s together and there are 90 different profession combination and then every profession has its spesialisation, i think you can make pretty unique characters in GW. In the looks dep…