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  •  I have a feeling they just lost too much of the original code to go back. I don't care what any pre-CU fanboi says, Smedley isn't that stupid (which is why Vanguard is still a playable game).
  •  Accuse me for my poor grammar. IQ has to do with INTELLIGENCE - NOT how SMART you are. So YES, you COULD have an IQ of 283,572,105,720,857,085,128,452,705.... and you could play World of Warcraft. But due to how easy and over-simplified it is (…
  • Originally posted by Ichben Hey gang, What do you guys think of this idea? Should Blizzard create special servers where people must take an IQ test to enter? The people with IQ's 130 and higher will be allowed to enter. So, what do you think, is …
  • Whenever a class is buffed higher than the others, the other classes will get jealous and call them those kinds of things. Well, either that, or classes are nerfed too much, then they say, "this class is only good for [blank]".
  •  It's true. We're assholes. That's why we rolled rogue.
  •  I think it's going to be 6-12 months, if they keep fixing and patching it up.
  • Originally posted by chazmyr LoL I personally like to make the shortest toon I can =P Something about a little "tank" type character that cracks me up.   I remember seeing a Fat jedi in SWG, WAY back pre-cu, it was the first person i'd ever seen …
  •  Jedi, duh. Jedi/Lightsaber = Tank Sith/Lightsaber = DPS Jedi/Powers = Buff/Heal Sith/Powers = Debuff
  • It's true what they say "If you build it, they will come." I know, cheesy.
  • MMORPGs are about fighting. Fighting = males The ones that aren't are usually about crafting. Crafting = males The ones that aren't either of theses are virtual chatrooms. Virtual chatrooms = females Then there are ones that combine thos…
  • Originally posted by Josher Any MMO will HAVE TO do better than WOW for me to spend a dime.   The polish and presentation better be equivalent or I'll just feel like I'm wasting money.  MMOs are no longer a basement genre, so they can't get away …
  • Originally posted by dimmit77 People willing to pay that. Same goes for a magnitude of other items and services. Also goes for girlfriends. With the same reasoning your question could have been: Why pay the expenses of having a girlfriend when you …
  • In any case, language can be subjectable so it's pointless to argue about it. I think the posters here at MMORPG are just looking for a (currently) impractical game (which ultimately what my thread came down to). They want more freedoms and skill …
  • Originally posted by zymurgeist  Eliza is that you? Cookie to anyone who gets it. Uhh I'm not this 'Eliza' girl you are talking about... I just think you are overly-critical, that's all.
  • Originally posted by zymurgeist The only game in Sim City is the canned missions and they are linear. Complete X within X amount of time. The part of Sim City that's a sandbox isn't a game at all.  So basically you are saying a game that encou…
  • Originally posted by zymurgeist They don't just over use them they change the definition at a whim making the terms meaningless. Thereby making the tools that are suppsedly to help people perjoratives. That kind of tool we don't need. Who's worke…
  • Originally posted by zymurgeist What's the difference? What's your point? You're now compairing an arcade game to an economic  simulation.  Not only is it not different names or the same things it's not even a compairison. I can do nothing in a …
  • Originally posted by zymurgeist Which is the crux of the whole thing. Games are defined by their features not  trite phrases like theme park, Sandbox, WoW clone, or any of a million others. Categorzing games that way is extremely misleading. B…