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  • @MikeB or any other admin, can you please let me know how to post into our forum "PlaneShift" ? It's not a recognized category. Thanks.
  • @MikeB I cannot post a news in my game forum (PlaneShift) as it's not in the category dropdown, how can I do this?
  • Hi @kanechart , nice videos. I love Elder's Scroll.
  • @MikeB , I've been on these forums since 8+ years, but I see now I start with rank 1 and cannot even post in my own game forum... can't you give a boost of points for people with hundreds of posts? As mentioned in the banner at the top I answered t…
  • Greetings, many of the bugs reported by mmorpg.com have been fixed with the latest updates, including the white effect pictured above. Sound/music/voiceovers are available. Being an open source project, you can help to improve it and add your ideas!
  • Access to the new Klyros city Amdeneir is now open! To reach it you have to speak with Krestal in the main Hydlaa city. Enjoy!
  • Just to clarify ChuckiSpux was a prospect (and not a developer) which praised the game, myself, the devs for long time, then after this brother was banned from the game for stealing a big amount of objects from guildhouses, started to be a hater of …
  • The PlaneShift team denies all these false claims and is focused on building the game more than answering to those trolling kids. If you want to see what PlaneShift is, play the game, meet the devs, and you will have a different view.
  • Thanks for the feedback. In your discussion there is a very good point about weapons not being available. Those seems to have disappeared from the blacksmiths for some reason (or bug) I'm not aware of. Seems it's like that since August. I will inves…
  • For anyone interested in 64 bits, please check 0.5 version. The new version should be more stable on 64 bits. Please consider it's still a development version. Enjoy.
  • Very nice to see this. Supporting the devs is the best way for us to be motivated to continue develop PlaneShift for the fun of everyone. Now relax and enjoy life.
    in An Apology Comment by Talad April 2008
  • pstruth, I have no idea why you still stick with this forum. Your messages are: * non informative * boring * pointless * not useful * not welcomed * very wrong * blatantly made to discredit us    What I dislike most is that you have…
  • Good to hear the complains come from a couple of members only! At the moment the active players are about 10.000 !
  • Selling of guildhouses is still proceeding. Just to give you an update we have now about 20 official guildhouses, which are run by players and used as headquarters of their guild. At the moment the guildhouses are mainly a place to store items and t…
  • Thanks for the medal! The developers work really hard for each release. Every release is getting better, no matter what people are saying. I can't wait to have next release ready!
  • Please note that we identified an issue with the "grass" added to the level in 0.20 which is causing major slowdowns on certain platforms. You can find a temporary solution on our main site.   Thanks.
  • Version 0.20 is out, another reason to play the game! 
  • Pretty good question, and very debated. I think PlaneShift can already provide some good fun, as long as you don't expect it to be completed. If you like seeing a project progress, and tell your friends: "I was there already in early versions" then …
  • 3hundred, just three comments: 1) You never met me, you never spoke to me, you never participated to PS development, you have no clue apart from what you read from the web. 2) If PlaneShift was my real life job, I would have already filed a laws…
  • All of our developers are very happy about the project, there are probably 2 people in the whole set of 200 developers we reviewed which are not happy. Plus there are a number which have been rejected during the selection process due to low or no sk…