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  •  i suppose i should elaborate a little more.  I have a few questions. 1.  Is the game still friendly toward new players? 2. what are some 'needed' classes that a new player might easily get the hang of, with a good sub class option. 3.i have t…
  • Vanguard was probably the game that I was looking forward to the most out of any MMO, or any genre game ever.  However it was rushed and very poorly executed.  I took immediate interest in this post becuase, although I do not have the time now to pl…
  • i think I might go with GW at least until FF14 comes out I really want ot give that game a try.  Plus like I said I won't feel bad if i put GW down for a while.  Thank you guys for the help.   I just finished downloading the trial to keep me bus…
  • I should clarify that I don’t necessarily “play in intervals” but I am in college( set to graduate in the spring) so there are times when I have lots of free time when I have no work to do for like a week at a time so I have a TON of time to play, a…
  • If its just a "kids" mmo then its safe ot say the LA is allowing it simply for the dollars.  Afterall Old Republic looks like its going to be the breadwinner as far as Star Wars MMO's would be concerned

  • i totally forgot about that game lol.  i played it for like a week or so i was too into WoW at the time to give GW much thought.  That is a good option, thank you. Whats the word on GW2   Also does anyone still play FFXI?  Is that game the sa…
  • They actually release a ton of info on the game you just have to know where to find it all.
  • i dont really see that being a problem, all most all of our members are free all night, so we we have west coasters in the guild we will just be starting at a time that fits for them, and we plan to pvp most week nights, so anyone is free to hop on …
  • you are correct, that is the aim towards our enemies