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  • I would like the option to be able to tab through player ships and then hit the target hotkey to lock. I'd like the option to be able to limit clicking to only manual flying.
  • Originally posted by cosy Originally posted by throckmorton The UI is clunky explain more and also include pictures I'm guessing you're being facetious, but I'll explain anyway.One improvement that is coming up is that you will be able to set…
  • The UI is clunky, but the PvP is still very exciting because it is so meaningful. Most of the time, you REALLY really don't want to lose your ship, and your opponent is the same. This just makes things really interesting and exciting. But yea, I ag…
  • Originally posted by jakebaker13 Okay this is probably a VERY ignorant question... but do you HAVE to mine in order to craft? Crafting is The most compelling element to a game for me. well... that and combat. The Idea of roaming around in space craf…
  • If you want cheap, casual PvP in a larger fleet setting, Faction Warfare is the place to be. It's mostly just t1 frigs and cruisers, but every now and then the caps and battleships come out.
  • I played LOTRO in beta, but the only fun I had was in monster play. I'm super bummed that free users won't be able to use monster play. I'd love to play it again casually. Maybe just let us just be creeps but not freeps? Pretty please?
  • Just want to say TY to people like you who keep the isk/$ ratio somewhat reasonable for those of us who buy game time with isk.
  • 2 My second account is dedicated to manufacturing and other economic stuff. I make enough isk with it to buy plexes for both of my accounts. Without an account dedicated to economic stuff, the subscription on my combat main would be paid with $. …
  • I want to be a Rakata. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/File:Rakata_kotor.jpg
  • If you are an SB fan you will appreciate the brutality you can inflict upon your enemies. There aren't many games left with Eve's level of freedom.
  • While there is so much more to PvP than just combat (using bait, escaping blobs, ect . . .), you can practice combat on the test server for free without having to worry about losing a lot of isk. All the ships and mods cost 100isk. There is a syste…
  • Once you get into Eve-Uni make sure you do some PvP with them. They will teach you the basics, and they will understand if you make noob mistakes. Also, try to get into some wormhole ops with them if you can.
  • Originally posted by Faelsun I mean can you think of a reason OTHER than it being Star Wars to play this game? That and that Bioware usually makes some pretty interesting stories. It will be worth it to play the game through at least once. Other …
  • In the future they are going to change it so that insurance prices adjust to market prices, but right now insurance prices are a fixed value. Insurance fraud is not an exploit, but things like making moon goo appear out of thin air through POS mech…
  • Setting up a POS made me cry. Anchor - > online - > anchor - > online - > slit wrists I'm glad I only had to do it once. Here are some helpful links: MyPOS (EFT for POSs): http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&threadID…
  • Watch some of Garmon's or Prozacs videos. I have the SP to do what they do, but not the skill. (Nor can 99.9% of the Eve community).
  • Sounds interesting but the main feature in the post can be summed up in just one sentence: "We're going to tie in planets into the economy somehow." I'm looking forward to when they can start delving into specifics.
  • The only fun I've had doing PvE in Eve has been doing wormholes as a team with my old corp. If I was forced to run missions or mine, I wouldn't even log in.
  • What general items to produce? Everything. There is always fluctuation in the market for every item. I've located items in every category that fluctuate in and out of "profitability". And base your profitability calculations off how much isk you ca…
  • Written by "Ashen Temper". He was a Shadowbane developer, and one of the few good ones. Bioware was smart to pick him up.