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  •   Originally posted by Theutus Democrats video You are correct.  Democrats are not the solution.     Hillary Clinton has done nothing.  She is ruthlessly ambitious.  She is black www.youtube.com/watch.  She has claimed she is half-Jewi…
  • The most populated server is Antonia Bayle, which is a roleplay server.  The other most populated is Nagafen, which is a PvP server.    
  • Healthful and vibrant roleplay community of Antonia Bayle server in Everquest 2.   I did not know many people roleplayed in WoW.
  • EQ 2 does an excellent job of satisfying soloers, groupers, and raiders and all of the above.  I am something of all of the above but mostly a soloer or a duoer/trioer with close friends. 
  • PoK stones were a good development in an otherwise terrible expansion.  Actually, I liked the GROUPING opportunities from the expansion but it was the zerging, repeatedly and daily or every other day, for flagging for more zerging.  The central focu…
  • Originally posted by Sawtooth Down in Miami this is already starting. People put chips just under their skin with credit card data. Many nightclubs have readers that will scan it and charge it, all so they don't have to carry around anything extr…
  • Originally posted by Sawtooth Although I disagree with having a national ID card, an implanted chip is a new beast entirely. There is a huge difference between an external identifier and a chip put into your body. Think of it this way, would y…
  • I thought the same things when I saw those videos. 
  • Originally posted by Urdig I don't find the OP funny, and saw it more as an attack on a person by someone that has demonstrated a dislike of VG. I find it sad that someone would make a thead like this, and that a thread like this is allowed. I…
  • It is not as bad as you read about.    It was not as good as you read about, pre-release, either.   The graphics are good, the community is good, everyone seems to like the classes for the most part.  I think a better value is EQ 2 or even SWG. 
  • It was released early because the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sigil was not capable of providing the direction and guidance needed.  The CEO wanted a huge but empty world.  Graphics so good that a minority could experience.    Earn an MBA, …
  • Originally posted by SioBabble   Originally posted by Fugnudz Unconstitutional is Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi having their way with revising the Constitution.   Someone is seriously deluded as to who is messing with the Constitution.…
  • I do not think WoW is a bad game.  I think EQ 2 offers a lot more, though. More world to adventure in.  More quests.  More variety.  A much better world feel.  Better sounds.  A shitload more content.  Way better raiding.    overall, EQ 2 is a m…
  • Originally posted by b0rderline99 so im guessing your miserable, married, with kids, and in a dead end job? Jumping to conclusions.  Not miserable. Not married. I do not have kids. I do not have a dead-end job.     I am warning young peo…
  • Dyslexia is a serious problem, and I see it among the many who are married.   I was somewhat kidding and somewhat speaking the truth in what I say.  I will try to summarize what I was saying on a third-grade level:  if you are young, do not try …
  • I tried EVE and disliked it.  I think you should give SWG a shot.  Awesome game.
  • Originally posted by ZAGAN          I thought I recognized your name.  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zagan
  • USA Patriot Act Section 215 allows FBI agents to obtain a warrant in camera (in secret) from the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for library or bookstore records.  The government can and does seek the library records under se…
  • EQ 2.  Good graphics.  World feel.  Great sounds.   Try that.