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  • IsilithTehroth said: Please...for the love of Mike...there is no E in Ridiculous. Its the most commonly misspelled word on the internet and I intend to change that.
  • Therealshur said: The same thing happens to me at my favorite restaurant.  I have given them literally thousands of dollars over the years, still every time I walk in they expect me to pay more.  Where will this madness end! But then th…
  • I gave up on PvP in MMOs long ago.  There are a few that are somewhat fair like War Thunder, World of (Tanks, Ships, Planes), etc.  Most are ripe with exploits and cheats though. Planetside was ok until you figured out that some of the details are…
  • I can see edited dates but I can't see posted dates of comments?
  • http://www.swtor.com/user/ce/mp70
  • PS2:  The game that taught me that cheating in FPS games is eternal.  Players hiding in walls, getting sniped long-range by a knife, dog-fighting bursters, etc. I left long ago and never looked back.  Sony never addressed nor did they actually ban …
  • I have a Raptr one that I will trade.  I already have Gamespot though.
  • Originally posted by Xhyron I have played this game for over 340 hours and can attest with utmost certainty to one critical aspect of the game: It is COMPLETELY pay to win.  The more you pay, the more skill your plane crews will have, thus increas…
  • Originally posted by Winterizer There will always be players that does not spend anything that screams "GIVE ME MOOOOOORE"   If someone wants to try the game for free it is fine but to be able to play that much as SWTOR does, if something is dum…
  • Originally posted by reeereee Correct, also if you're not a subscriber the crit rate on gathering missions is so low they're not even worth bothering with, as you can usually buy the non crit mats for less than the mission costs on the AH.   I d…
  • A large, open world where I can explore or place a home.
  • Believe it when I see it.   The most accurate SWTOR trailer to date.
  • I saw this video on August 2nd: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWXjzLEGV9U The combat and gameplay look like an Alpha build of Skyrim.  They can do better than this.  I am really disappointed.  I guess tracking projectiles in real-time wouldn't wo…
  • Originally posted by Agoden Everyone i know is quitting the game really, theres just nothing to do at the end of it, and all the content feels exactly the same ( boss fights, mob packs in dungeons. )   Gauntlgrym didn't draw any of my friends at…
  • Originally posted by BrotherD Never been so bored in combat, in a mmo, as I was in Neverwinter.   I have:  It was called SWTOR.   SWTOR had the same groups if I remember.  You fought maybe 4 weak mobs or 2 mobs + 1 stronger.  It was painful.  I…
  • Originally posted by ignore_me http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2013-04-09-the-doctor-is-out-greg-zeschuk-on-bioware-ea-and-the-uncertain-console-future The killer is revealed. Well, if you believe this guy anyway. Another piece of the puzzle…
  • Sony dumped the game for a reason.  There's a lot of broken mechanics in it.   Take, for instance, the best way to pvp.  You sit at a port and pop your head out and scout around while you're invisible.  Whoever coded Cloaking Devices onto sailing …
  • Massively sells reviews to game companies so I don't read them.  They have no "actual" content in anything.  
  • Originally posted by FrodoFragins I never really thought of it this way, but it gives the appearance that same sex relationships is delegated to a remote corner of the galaxy. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/423849/20130114/star-wars-old-republi…
  • Originally posted by Mothanos Games that keep me occupied for the moment are: World of Tanks  Battlefield 3 I played these two myself. Got tired of whack-a-mole with tanks.  Got bored of cheat-a-thon 3.   Unfortunately, that's the future o…