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  • Now, WHEN are they going to fix the 109's speed, as of this patch, the 109 is about as fast as a 110!  It's lost its ability to climb quickly.  Many 109 pilots are very annoyed! Me262
  • Airborne troops are coming, Bob.  They first need to get drivers and panzer crew to be able to exit their vehicles, but their next step is to do air transports and paratroopers.    It is definitely gonna happen. Me262
  • Qweets, In offline mode, practice bombing the big bullseye painted on the ground with your bombers, you will be glad you did once the online game is active for you.  Strafing with aircraft is also quite useful & generally spotting things on t…
    in My Opinion Comment by me262a June 2004
  • I concur about getting yourself a joystick asap.  You will want to read up on the default keys and what they do until they become 2nd nature.  There IS a keymapper, but I have to say that I have never particularly been a fan of its layout and it can…
  • Pruitt, I did not intend to bash the game.  I made my statement apparently based on outdated info.  My concern was for a player who felt the game was unsatisfactory because their system was not a relatively recent one.  GeForce2 cards no longer ar…
  • If you used to play Warbirds, then this game's for YOU!  Many of those that used to play that game have found themselves in WW2OL for quite a few years now.  I even think I recall that some of the developers of Warbirds were once hired by CRS just a…
    in My Opinion Comment by me262a June 2004
  • Manohun, my apologies, I read a post by Killer that once some the 2005 changes get finalized and functional, dialup may have to eventually phase out.  I admit that this may have changed, but at one point the Rats were discussing it as inevitable in …
  • Wlfman, that's a chat line you will never read from an Axis CO.... Me262
  • Okay, I get it, Stereo.  I concur with Manohun's encouragement, however.  It's really a moot point whether glasses would be more immerssive or not in WW2OL anyways because, as you pointed out, they aren't supported at present.  Still, post on the…
  • You may be a tad concerned about OICs and the Chain of command and following orders, et al.  Yes, occasionally, some strategic objectives are questioned by those of us lower in the chain, that's normal.  Still, COMMITTING to a HC-sponsored squad and…
  • Neo, Welcome and get connected with a squad asap, or you might be disillusioned at first.  Good luck on playing allied, I am Axis player, but we will treat you with civility on this board.  Beware the main WW2OL forums though (a.k.a. the PlaySkool…
  • It's a driver issue AND a game graphic engine issue.  Both play a part. Me262
  • Stereo, I wasn't saying you WERE handicapped, just that there's effectively no advantage with them. Me262
  • I think you will be able to run the game okay with a 64 mb card.  Is it a GeForce 3 or 4 series?  Even a 3 should technically work.  I WOULD turn all the settings down to performance though.  When you DO run the game, try turning off other things in…
    in Worth Trying? Comment by me262a May 2004
  • Drumgor, 91st is more than just European players... There's plenty of Americans, but also tons of Aussie players from Down Under.  European players are quite varied including Scandinavians, Germans, British, and even Drumgor's Greeks... I've p…
    in AXIS SQUADS Comment by me262a May 2004
  • Maybe so, but not all players around the world may consider that to be so.  Just a heads up for the new player.  Also, in future, CRS has pretty much promised that dialup users will be dropped in favor of broadband-type ISP users.  Me262a
  • If they work, good for you.  If not, I must say that 99.9% of the playerbase doesn't use them and can kill you JUST as effectively without them.  Basically there's no advantage to having them in a game like WW2OL.  It's a VERY lethal battlefield. …
  • Neo, First off, email rafter as stated above.  Second, from the sound of it, I would guess that you didn't fully subscribe.  You need to have your account listed as at least the $12.95/month.  Lastly, practice offline as stated and read the WW2ol …
    in Worth Trying? Comment by me262a May 2004
  • Be advised that you need some SERIOUS system memory AND a high-end video card to play this game.  Check the http://www.wwiionline.com/ website and explore it thoroughly to find out what you need.  Good luck, Me262