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  • Originally posted by Bave Why do you even get started when you are obviously disguisted by the game? Why do you blame the hunters to be overpopulating the servers when you yourself admit them to be the easiest starting class to play with if u are…
  • Well RS2 and RSC are basically the same game, personally if I had to choose one I would go with 2 and let classic rot, but I dont really like Runescape.
  • Nothing personal but I dont exactly like FPS games.
  • That is not true there is your steriotypical nerds that sit behind a computer screen with nothing better to do then guess passwords and usernames
  • Originally posted by k0rnkid I used to play RS a long time ago... back when it first released the final version... and it was all fun, then members came out, so I became one.... and Ill tell you right now... because it was getting so popular, it s…
  • Yeah well, hitler was a duche.
  • Originally posted by yakisan Originally posted by Ganonduarf Oh look the people here can band together to defeat the evil ganonduarf and his opnion on the internet well guess what everybody, NO ONE GIVES A FUCK! This is what the fuck the interne…
  • Okay have you seen my post on wow, I cover WoWs stealing problem, I'm saying that this game's screens look like WoW, do some homework before you put a title on someone like that.
    in OKAY! Comment by Ganonduarf April 2007
  • yeah but there gets to a point where people just need to move on and make games about other things.
  • Wait a second I created this topic to voice my opnion about WoW and pass it off as the truth, and it turns into lord of the rings? wow
  • Originally posted by White-Eyes WTF!?!? Where the hell did that come from! O let me gess "the heart?!" Dude what reality have you been living in? Runescape is full of scammers and hackers! Its one of the best known hacked MMO's on earth! And yes i…
  • Originally posted by Manveru  Oh come on, even as far as bashing posts go this one is a piece of shit! At what point does this jerk get off telling US the "truth" about something entirely subjective to taste, with criticism on par with a five year o…
  • No shizzle, man this game cant possibly be worse then Tibia.  
  • Honestly any real gamer of any kind would look at this game and wonder how can I cause mass obliteration to it, seriously this is one of the worst games in history right next to Ogre Island.