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  • VG:SoH was an absolute blockbuster. It was both too far ahead of its' time and too dated and buggy to make a lasting impact. The crafting was phenomenal. The open world exploration was fantastic. The class variation was outstanding. It was the true …
  • Hironobu Sakaguchi really was the best thing about Square, it's too bad he ran off to do his own thing. When I was younger I was really into the Final Fantasy series but after replaying 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 the only ones that were really enjoyable were …
  • There is a lot of new content, you can have 3 trust npcs out at a time, a lot of missions are soloable(not all of them but most of them) There are challenging new events that push your group to the limits, and aside from being an enormous time sink …
  • Every patch they see a little population spike where a few players resub to check out the new content and about a week later they quit and cancel their subs for the next few months. This game had a few fun encounters that got old really quick.  Oh …
  • I'm looking forward to seeing some of the improvements they've made in the game. I'm sure that's what this weekend is about, showcasing the game in its' current state. That being said I'm more than likely going to be disappointed.  Well I'll see y…
  • FFXI has long outlasted its' glory days. Back in 2003-2005 It was quite possibly the best MMO in the world. Right now they cling to their dwindling server populations and sparsely update the game with new content to tide you over with unfinished con…
  • I've been writing them for about 6 years now telling them how F2P would bring FFXI back from the dead. This is great news
  • I bought the game and hated it so bad that I tried to return it. I'm out 60 bucks and I'm never playing this crap, I don't care if it turns into the final fantasy 11 with better graphics we all hoped it would be.
  • It's just that the game still feels like it's in open beta, with a whole lot left to be done before a quality release. The game feels clunky, getting around sucks unless you can fly I'd honestly rather pay to play world of warcraft, or have a ro…
    in It dies Comment by Rajai February 2011
  • DCUO is a lot of fun but it seems like a console game tacked on with all of the things i don't like about an mmorpg Tbh I'd play it further but there's no way in hell this game justifies a $15 monthly fee, game off sony.
    in It dies Comment by Rajai February 2011
  • I know of people that still play from NA pc release(when i started) they still do things together, etc had a run in with the dreaded POL support trying to reactivate my original account(again from 2002) apparently it was hacked and someone changed…
  • Originally posted by frodus Originally posted by Rajai the picture was meant to portray the views of a minority of the american public that views Barack HUSSEIN) Obama as a terrorist, his wife as a racist and his views as radical islamist …
  • the picture was meant to portray the views of a minority of the american public that views Barack HUSSEIN) Obama as a terrorist, his wife as a racist and his views as radical islamist I'm still voting for Obama but I wish that the choices were …
  • final fantasy is dead to me. Final fantasy went from video game to seamless FMV and apart from 11, the last good one was IX mmmmmm final fantasy 11 *salivates* i bought and installed it and my girlfriend's rig wont play it *goes back to playin…
  • i think he said the sword weighed ~45 pounds, i dont feel like looking that's considerably lighter than the buster sword should be but the poor guy could barely hold it up also, I'm sure if he had made it weighted all he would have done is hurt hi…
    in hahaha Comment by Rajai July 2008
  • you've just made me cry while also laughing and you've made my day
  • Thank you so much I'm not looking for a laptop for gaming, I'm looking for one that can run WoW on maximum specs and play dvds and also for college. I think mac has improved by leaps and bounds from the imac we had in our computer labs which were g…
  • if i hear any guitar hero songs or rock band my fingers make the motions mostly rush will make me drive fast lots of songs make me drive faster bon jovi i'll do the drums to though
  • i finished a jug of the shine last night and passed out.. massive hangover.. yeah if i'm going to get high my bud has some white widow expensive stuff but you'll never go back to cheapo weed
  • Originally posted by Cabe2323 Jager with red bull.  Phhh   Shots of everclear.  Or Glasses of Vodka.  I like Vodka in my Vodka.    nah it was just a joke jager is kind of a one time thing but i guess some people like it