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  • Using Chrome and no pop-ups here. But after accepting cookies site keeps asking again and again if I want to accept or not. This started a few days ago.
  • Shame on you Yes, you can kill cubs in LotRO too. I think animals in LoTRO are more realistic than in many other high fantasy MMORPGs. Maybe that's why I find it sad if I have to kill them.
  • lahnmir said: LotRO. It is the only MMORPG I can return to time and again and it STILL feels like a warm bath when logging in one of my characters or creating a new one. It is an actual home, not a game I retry. /Cheers, Lahnmir ^ This …
  • GeezerGamer said: I would think that the more the game is shifted for solo play, the less likely the community will be to band together and form bonds. Not always like this. Modern day LOTRO is pretty much solo to the level cap. But sti…
  • Mature and helpful community in LOTRO. Have you played it yet?
  • Po_gg said: Silmapelikone said: Got my baby elf out of the starting area and was about to start crafting and bam! Downtime coming. Talk about bad timing ggrrrr How often downtimes? They've announced last week, that from now on the …
  • @Lithuanian May I add you to my buddy list? I might have some questions about the class traits etc. I think they changed how you can spec your class. At least I don't remember I saw 3 different trees where to spend points when I was playing last ti…
  • @ScotchUp I did what you recommended to do and installed first without highres file. I downloaded the file after the initial installation and all went fine, no errors. @Po_gg I made a new account. Rolled a Minstrel on Laurelin. I couldn't resist …
  • One question about the expansions.. How "linear" they are? I remember when I started to play LOTRO years ago when we had only the "Shadows of Angmar" content we were able to level in a few different areas and follow several quest lines. Then Moria l…
  • Nebless said: Manestream said: I bought the game + moria + Siege of Mirkwood but lost it all when Codemasters (european holders) decided to give it up and sent it back to turbine. I never got my account back so since then i have never …
  • @ScotchUp http://www.lotro.com/en/game/download Do you mean that "Standard Resolution (PC)"?
  • If I can use my old account can I play _all_ the "Shadows of Angmar" (the base game) and "Mines of Moria" content if I subscribe? I bought only the base game when it launched and "Mines of Moria" expansion after that. Or do I need to buy some more? …
  • @Sovrath @Po_gg Thank you both for quick response! It's good to know that Radiance is gone and they changed the Legendary Item system. I didn't like at all when they added Radiance stat in Moria expansion. And grinding those LIs was a chore. Nic…
  • Nam ´65 is a sweet little strategy game. I was suprised how fun it really is. Easy to learn but hard to master. You have to optimize your supply routes well.
  • Yeah I bought Vietnam ´65 and Commander: The Great war immediately I noticed the sales
  • So many good c64 games but somehow I always remember this one first: Beach Head 2! That dock level... lol "Voice acting" was top-notch
  • Cyberpunk 2020 (with Hardwired rulebook) all the way baby! Closely followed by CoT. One can only hope.. 
  • ThumbtackJ said: Could do what I did. Get married and have two kids, less than a year apart. See, this way, between work, kids, and a pregnant wife, you won't have much time for gaming, so that playing anything in the minuscule spare amount of…
  • Only tab targeting in my mmorpgs please. If I want to play a more action orientated game I'll just change to different genre for that experience. To me mmorpgs have always been slower paced games and thinking about strategies and progression.
  • AO is always close to my heart but they butchered the game with LE and all the stuff that came after that expansion. I hope we will get the private servers on some day. Original game or SL/AI at most.