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  • one time i was going to kill this person and i didnt have exicute yet so i was siting there for a min trying to acualy hit the person i missed at least 10 times in a row all because of that i changed my talents and i started to use two handed weapon…
  • one things for sure, all of the people that quited from w0w will come back again sooner or later..i've heard this issues over thousand times i think and all of them are complaining about his and that..but we cant blame them of what do they feel, the…
  • have you check your connection?or maybe the page itself  has maintenance..im not sure bout it im just looking to the posibilities that might happen..if no answers can make it then try to ask admin
  • whatever they say i'll go play  w0w rather than eve, eve is nice too and to be compared with w0w i think that game looks awesome but unfortunately nothing will beat w0w when in comes to the number of subscribers..with 8.5 million people and still gr…
  • i totally agree that you'll need some experience and skill in-game  before you have to be familiar of all the class skills in game..even a experienced player could not sink in in the environment  of any game in just one sitting..yo have to learn the…
  • yes right Ever Quest 2 have had it too...as of now im trying to find a nice game that can be compared to w0w..im trying FFXI, i find it nice
  • yah thats right and was thanks why i hate that hacks and some exploits, im just contented on what i am seeing on w0w and not even think to enhance its figs..
  • currently my favorite class is my main which is warrior..
  • i liked w0w too..i love the concept lifelong foe of the alliance and the horde, like the good guys vs. the bad guys..i also liked the characters in it  and the concept of the whole game in one package..
  • too bad, but i think once the cd key, was keyed in, it only works on the account the authentication key was attached..for downloads, search for them i think i saw it , but specifically i dont remember the site..try bit torrent
  • i'll just wait if the free trial is already back before letting my little sister go and try there free trials..but when will they put this back ? my sis ter is already out of patience to the point that she wanted to use my account
  • well said if you wanted quality then pay for it..tho its worth it..$15 its a pain in the pocket if you wanted real nice and good stuff, that'll make you enjoy and not regret
  • my crit mage Fire Mastery Impact Rank 5 Ignite Rank 4 Flame Throwing Rank 2 Incinerate Rank 2 Improved Flamestrike Rank 3 Burning Soul Rank 2 Improved Scorch Rank 2 Critical Mass Rank 3 Blast Wave Rank 1 Fire Total: 2…
  • Mage Directly transpose Mana into Direct & Semi Direct damage Mages are incredible damage dealers. Roughly, 1 point of mana can cause above 12 damage at level 60. They're fairly easy to level if geared properly, and are PvP killing machine…
  • Originally posted by mutantmagnet Kind of feel bad for this guy. http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=17702127&postId=1519415225&sid=1#775   F A gun or throwing spec would be worthless but there have been many times a warr…
  • now i'll be collecting those videos posted here if you don't mind..and make some money to it rofl just kidding... i remember the play that leeroy made with his team using voice chat..that guy is stubborn...anyways, i'll search some videos and post …
  • though having some additional cost maybe the reason for leaving w0w but imo, even like that w0w is worth the money you were spending to
  • i have not lost some interest and haven't any just to quit w0w..i just love and i'll continue playing w0w
  • making a expansion not only means that the game with have some additional features, and stuffs that mostly likely make the game more nice and good to play..this trully means that they will add some new equips that will give much additional damage to…
  • nice compilation of videos you have all....had to add one up the clip that made leroy jenkins famous...actually its not the video that makes him famous anyways, here's the clip leroy jenkins