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  • It's really hard to say exactly how large the LOTRO world is.  It has the distinct feel of being hand-crafted, in that there are many little areas that are carved out of the landscape and contain a ton of content where one can be lost adventuring fo…
  • Best Two: Everquest II:  This game underwent a transformation since it was released in early november, 2004.  The developers ironed out the rough spots in combat as well as tradeskills, added a megaton of free content, and now offers up all three …
  • It's a good thing I started wearing depends to shorten bathroom trips during gaming, Because that trailer was a pants wetter.  .  I just hope it performs as well as it looks on average hardware when beta/retail rolls around.  I don't want to have to…
  • I've been playing since the mid to late 90's, starting with Meridian 59 and Ultima Online, then getting swept up in EQ at release. I've played all the major games (and most of the minor ones) for at least a few levels.   I'm the type of person who t…
  • I don't have a direct answer for you, but I do have the blurb sent out from Sigil and SoE regarding the preorder.  From the wording on the box itself and from this blurb, I'd say you should have gotten the code with the box.  Now if they're waiting …
  • nah, you must be talking about me. keep thinking that everyone with a low post count is a non-intelligent SoE lackey.  At least I know to watch for your responses in future posts. Btw, really enjoyed your calling vanguard a wow clone.
  • I'm split in a few directions when I think about SWG.  I want to be one of those fanboys, because at least in their happy little world they're, well, happy! And they are enjoying being immersed in the Starwars universe as I once did.  Unfortunately …
  • You know that with any attempt on SoE's side to relay all the details, there are going to be those who panic or just use the opportunity to lash out more at SoE.  Although I agree 100% with anything negative said reguarding Star Wars Galaxies after …
  • Alright so i decided to give SL a go, and i've got a few questions. 1. What is the best* way to make money? Using your strengths to their best advantage.   I know, that's not much of an answer, but it's the truth.   Let me elaborate.  If you are…