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  • Originally posted by heerobya That is why I play games like F.E.A.R. and Halo 3 for complex, unpredictable A.I. that makes things different every time. Randomly generated content is a cop-out to good A.I. ... I'm sorry, but Halo 3 has some p…
  • It's funny that most of us would never pay to play a beta, but look at how many people bought Crackdown just for the Halo 3 beta.
  • A Wiimote! Just kidding, or am I? But seriously, I think I have seen what you are looking for.  There is a mouse with a digital thumb pad in the side of it.  I'm sure if you used a program like Joy2Key you could WASD the d-pad.
  • Carpe Diem?  Maybe that's not a big time game, but I was to me. I remember wanting to play that game so bad from seeing the trailers, and screenshots.  When I finally got in the beta I was extremely let down.  So much potential, but it failed hor…
  • Slow combat where you end up just sitting there watching stuff happen. I get so bored.  I need fast, frantic gameplay to keep me awake.
  • I got a MERC keyboard for like 20 bucks.  It's pretty nice with the larger layout on the side for controlling your character.  Also, since it's still a full keyboard it's okay for daily use too.  No keysets to swap.
  • Originally posted by Torak Originally posted by atkafighter My opinion is that Sci-fi isn't seen as "mainstream" yet. For some reason playing with elves, wizrds, and riding around on mythical beasts isn't geeky, but badass space crafts with l…
  • WOW, and Guild Wars. The top 2 MMOs your pick.
  • My opinion is that Sci-fi isn't seen as "mainstream" yet. For some reason playing with elves, wizrds, and riding around on mythical beasts isn't geeky, but badass space crafts with lasers, Giant Robots, and space colonies are.  I think space is w…
  • Granado Espada is one of the best games I've come across in a while.  I feel that this is how the online Final Fantasy should have been.
  • Originally posted by Vaedur MMORTS FPS.. here we go .. make it a RTS... but.. Units are REAL PEOPLE, in a WAR, each side is controlled by one person.. make it a "game" and not a persistant world.. game starts and end Have experience for fighti…
  • All roads seem to point to Starcraft, but I would love to see Diablo 3. My problem with MMOs are they feel so slow.  Not like the frenzied clickfest of the Diablo series.  I want a gorefest with tons of loot.  I want to feel like my characters ar…
  • Originally posted by Inf666 Innovation will kick in once the WoW-formula does not work anymore. Right now we are nearing a phase of saturation. I somehow get the feeling that the upcoming games are all just like WoW with one or two little modifica…
  • I think people misunderstood me.  I played WoW, got bored, moved on.  Except I really couldn't move on since pretty much all the games try to mimic WoW. I know that WoW really brought the MMO market to what it is today, but honestly I think it ca…
  • I really hope it is dying, because I really want the MMO industry to move on. Or I'll start playing a different genre. Or even go back to consoles. But seriously the game will hang on for years.  People won't just move on.  That's part of t…
  • Pokemon Blue. Just kidding.... Or am I? Actually I really don't know which is the "best", but it probably wouldn't be a Final Fantasy for me.  Would a Zelda count?  Link to the Past maybe?
  • PC if you have a really good one. Xbox 360 seems to hang on a lot on its games.  A good PC doesn't really do that.
  • While it does bother me that more, and more console games seem to be shipping "unfinished" and later fixed with "optional add ons", or patches console games are just so much easier to pick up and play.  For a PC if I want to play the latest, and…
  • Nerfs are ok with me, but other people can't be pleased no matter what you do.  For every "fix" devs try people have ten more things to complain about.
  • I think MMOs should have an option to be a Hardcore character.  Much like Diablo 2.  Maybe they could be on separate servers, and permanent deaths would only count with deaths to monsters (Pvp won't count).  The element of survival makes games so mu…