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  • Lotro has it? Cool, I might check it out again then   Man, I wish DDO Europe would go the F2P way already..  
  • Well, Linus Torvalds is Finnish, and he started the linux project, but it's development is spread across the world, so it may originate from Finland, but it isn't quite a Finnish project, any more than Ubuntu is a South African project.
  • My goodness. *HATE HATE KILL KILL RAAAAAAAGE* People are great, huh?
  • Wine really isn't such a big schlep to set up... And many mmo's that dont run on plain wine have linux launchers, which makes the process pretty easy on the user, so don't discard mmo compatibility on linux completely.  That being said, it would be …
  • This is why we can't have nice things. Instead of being constructive, we argue about pointless things, and nothing gets done...
  • Oh so applicable to many of us. Waterloo Sunset, by The Kinks Dirty old river, must you keep rolling Flowing into the night People so busy, makes me feel dizzy Taxi light shines so bright But I dont need no friends As long as I gaze on wate…
  • Excuse me for going back on topic, but I have a few linux game links to post. djl.tuxfamily.org/index_en.php Des Jeux Linux is a linux gaming repository and game manager, inspired by Valve's Steam service. Lots of interesting features and tools, …
  • No Samurai Champloo, Hellsing, .hack or Blood Trinity fans? For shame!
  • We at www.plubble.com are sorta making a Cthulhu mmo/mud, using a variety of interesting technologies. Or more accurately, our game will have a Cthulu game plugin, along with a DnD plugin (at least the ones our team are doing). You could theoretical…
  • Infini-lul at the runescape fanboy, but i wouldnt put browser based games down that much. In-the-cloud processing is coming, and whilst running on a webpage, will blow any conventional game out of the water. Check out http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/…
  • Because he's a goldfarmer? Anyway, linux has always been the idealist's OS, and will stay that way. OpenCatch22, they could've called it, as people dont develop for it because its not commonly used, and people dont use it because its not /as/ comm…
  • Heck, I wouldn't  mind him just releasing the procedurally generated part on its own.. That would be enough of an accomplishment..
  • A very fun and innovative game! If only they would sort out the clipping and collision detecting probs.. And allow for more user customization.. And hire decent manga writers!
  • It was only released in Australia according to ign hehe
  • I made sexy love explosion on my sixaxis once I got into Warhawk... Ground combat is good, but air combat is just plain win. Its a freaking experience to fly with a squadron of your team mates into the enemy, missiles, bullets, lightning everywhere,…
  • Let the ignorant suffer hehehe... Plenty of games for my PS3 this holiday season, I seriously cannot see how anyone can complain about the selection in 7-8 months time... Lair (Reviews are mixed, not all bad...), Heavenly Sword, Little Big Planet,…
  • I guess I should make a disclaimer in my sig stating "Warning: Highly Sarcastic"...
  • Death to the OP! How dare he insult the great American Way?
  • They fall in olive because they don't sweep their floors? (this hurts me more than it hurts you, trusts}
  • And This And People Who Type Like This, and people who paste too large pictures in forums. And double posters. And people who start sentences with "and"... And people who over use eppleppsis...  And people who cannot spell  epplleppssis. And hypoc…