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lvl 90 Berserker Dwarf. Proud member of : http://nra.wertax.org


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  • Hello, you can also look in the options(ALT-O, might need to select advanced to see em) to make the font-size bigger, and to resize you windows, since the font size gets bigger, you need to make thing fit again. There is not 1 Bigger UI, Small…
  • Yes, i especially love the way you can look at char items, and AA-settings that players chose.   Ort.
  • Hi, besides the good info posted already. You can use : http://www.soe.com/status/  to check for the server load at your play times, its the same as on the eq2players.com site. and only shows the load in comparinson to the other servers. Gre…
  • Last few weeks lots of things changed as well, all is under a new free-2-play bussiness model now, So try out the game(again) and look around, and do some server shopping at the times you wish to play. Some servers might have more players online…
  • Originally posted by Donev [CENTER][URL="http://www.mininglog.com"][IMG]http://www.mininglog.com/signatures/JDEkJEU0ZnR3MjdEV2RJWE5udVFrS3lFMTA=.png[/IMG][/URL][/CENTER] TESTING 1...2...3...
  • Originally posted by banecrow Get me my dam Beastlord class in EQ II and I will think about playing again.  Well see you next expansion then ? your wish came true. Ort.
  • Ok, send to remyburkeATgmail.com, Enjoy!   Ortahr.
  • http://launch.soe.com/eq2/   * SELECT THE STREAMING VERSION. this should give you a button that will change into PLAY, while underneath the play button still displaying  that its downloading but you can actually play while its downloading the …
    in about EQ 2 Comment by wertax May 2011
  • Playing on EU time here(gmt+1) on the GUK server, on evening times server loaded, lots of fun and groups to be found. Try the free to play server (Freeport) 1st to see if you actually like the game, after that, look for a server, *if one dousn…
  • 1st of all take a look here: http://www.everquest2.com/free_to_play/game_overview this is the free to play businessmodel for eq2, in other words you get to lvl to lvl 80 with a lot of restrictions for free, on 1 server called freeport. if yo…
  • I would like to get a VIP key as well, to test things out, so if you got one laying around catching dust,  send me a PM,  Greetings and tnx in advance, Ortahr.
  • Originally posted by forshizzle00 I'd like to try out EQ2.  If you could PM me with a registration code I would appreciate it.  Thanks! Still would need an email-adress(yours) for that Forshizzle, sorry! Edit: (Got your PM, and created the in…
  • Originally posted by downtoearth for the live servers Yes, got 10+ left, but i need your e-mail adress for that,  you can send it to me in a PM, or post it here (scrambled like : mailme at somewhere dot com ).   Greetings,   Ortahr.
  • Originally posted by Angelbound If anyone could please send me one soon I have today off perfect time for me to try it out thanks! Resend the link in a PM on this Board. Greetings,   Ortahr.
  • Invitation is send Angelbound.   Ortahr.
  • Unfortunately theres been a couple of Quests, instances with events where a toon would get a temperal buff of hitpoints,  loosing those always after the event / leaving the instance.   Eq2players, has this recorded and never updated, so basica…
  • Originally posted by Hellfyre420 Iam interested in subbing to EQ2.. Figured i'd give it a shot on getting a free key here before i do! It is needed to have your email adress for that, either post it here or send it as a personal message on this…
  • yes, press F11 , a little info box will apear with, frame rate per seconds, your ping and something like bits per second.   Greetings, Ortahr.
  •   Hi there,   1) EQ2 EXTENDED is only for the US? nope you can play it from anywhere around the globe, if your ping is not good enough try and see if its your isp. 2) Can't we get our old toons and conitnue to play ? Old toons are on the…