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  • The mass banning also banned innocent people as well, the devs did not vet the information properly and made a hasty choice in who to ban. Mostly those banned were based off of in game transactions only with no further justification. Legendary beta …
  • Sandbox Interactive is a young company and aside from creating the game they don't fully understand how the business and customer service side works. They are focusing way to much energy on trying to play the roll of international police vs credit c…
    in banned Comment by navaji August 2017
  • Originally posted by dsebutchr Pay 5 dollars.  Get the weekend sub for live.  Make a toon there and see that every server is DEAD. After you realize everyone from live is lying in the desperate hope they can save their dying servers, switch and m…
  • I got re-addicted two weeks ago... It is so nice to see people running in the wilds of Norrath again!
    in EQ2X Comment by navaji October 2010
  • I'm glad I started this post...I see there is alot of diffrent views. I never had the glitch issues everyone else talked about and I played 4-5 hours a day for close to 2 years. I must have been very lucky. My concern with this new game is that …
  • Unsane, Any idea how I can get into the offical forums? For some odd reason I can't registor to get in. Stupid me I never joined before the game launched =/
  • Yes I have ran the repair tool many many times...only once did it show an error. I have a 600w power supply that is actully SLI ready (not using that option however). What would power supply have to do with the game crashing, keep in mind that t…
  • Lots of posts fast! I don't think anyone even had time to see the topic
  • Still 32 mins here eastern time zone
  • What web site has that information? I looked all over the CONAN sites, and Funcom's sites and I could not find it.
  • Check this link out.... http://forums.ageofconan.com/forumdisplay.php?f=26&order=desc&page=2    
  • Looks can be combated with actuall game play and options... If a game has plenty of depth, looks should not be a large concern.  I'm gonna try it to see if it has depth.  It is possible that it is 100% like Silkroad, from what I've seen it has alot …
  • I'm just a simple person who plays games... not sure what all that mumbo jumbo was by Hercules...  I'm not up to speed on MMO industry happening.  Please give it to me in a more laymans terms so I can understand?  I realy would like for this game to…
  • I think it would be very cool, to have a .hack MMO... The TV show are awsome and the game rocks.  I really don't understand why there is not one already out... It just makes sence.   Navaji