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  • 2d games have better game play. Screw looks. Wasted too much money on good looking games then the gameplay turn out to be boring. Mir 3 all the way
  • Originally posted by Vengi Pets do cost quite a bit (30K for decent pet) but in the korean beta they paid for themselves after the first hour...a BES at lvl 7 when your lvl 20 is pretty useful I once took a Right guard to the mines and wiped the pl…
  • Originally posted by Fireburst Originally posted by crazytn Everyone forgot about houses? Been too long cant remeber if u can have houses. But I think u can right? Hmmm not sure about houses. I just like the idea of playing a warrior and having a p…
  • Everyone forgot about houses? Been too long cant remeber if u can have houses. But I think u can right?
  • Originally posted by fulmanfu i already admitted its a little more colorful :pyou can argue till your head pops off, but the bottom line, i have the facts behind me, you have wishful thinking. when people log on, they arent going to see your wishful…
  • Its run by a diff. company. So You cant go and delete Mir2 off the list and replace it with Mir 3. Since its listed as two games, Mir 3 is a diff game
  • The game play of the new 3d games i have played are really boring. With no potion to regen. ur health and mp points. U have to fight and rest. Making lvling even more boring.
  • Originally posted by 43%burnt It's more like Diablo (1) stripped of all the fun parts, including the free online gameing. And that didn't change at all from LoM 1-3. There is better FREEWARE out there. This is just a retarded comment, I don…
  • I would steer away from Lineage 2, because the lvling is really boring and the farming. And a lot of ppl are selling items and account online. I was one of the higher lvl when i played, but the grind was too hard. The boss hunts were fun tho, but …
  • I would check out Mir3 if u are starting a new game. Because u will be behind if u join all the other games. Mir 3 will prob go open beta in a month or 2. + its the game u are looking for.
  • It's like AoE + MMORPG from the look of it. If it's true, I might as well call it first of its kind.   [/b][/quote] AoE = Age of Empire right? If it is then no, Mir isnt like AoE. I say its more like Lineage 2. With massive seiges, open pvp, and h…
  • I say Legend of Mir because everyone knows everyone. Its not the most friendly but if u do something good or bad. Everyone knows. They also have a gathering over in the UK i think every year. Its call MirStock where a ton of players go and meet eac…
  • check out Mir 3. almost everyone who played it, thinks it's the best mmorpg ever
  • Check out Mir 3. A lot of pking and pvp. This is prob the type of game ur looking for.
  • I am a big fan of Mir3, and I think what mmorpg did was fair. But it should have been done a long time ago. This problem has been around for a long time now. I think the only reason why mmorpg.com put this in place now is because Mir3 is a 2d game…
  • maybe once technology improve this is possible. Where you get the feeling that your playing a fps game like (sof2, Jedi acadamy, Call of Dudy, or Quake) with any mmorpg. Everyone would be playing this game. Someone smart could probally figure it…