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  • Originally posted by Veiled_light I think religion was invented because there wasn't any technology to cure people or keep us safe back then. People would prey and hope for a higher power to keep them safe and the Bible was just a story wirrten b…
  • There is , just simply click the games name on the anticipated MMORPG's link and click the forums link. You well be directed to one link then you click that one link. If you just want to see the most recent forums click the overview link and scroll …
  • I actually don't hope it's to P2P already on a budget. Ethier ay if it is or is'nt , i'm sure there won't be to many immature kids in the game because the controls are to complex. They'll get bored of it on the first day.
    in OMG!! Comment by Mr.Man_7 February 2007
  • I'll recommened RF online but im not so sure it has a harsh death penatly , though. I'll also have to recommened Ultima Online , it has great PvP and harsh death penalty
  • Originally posted by Savvon MMORPG.com has this game as #1. Have you guys played this game? The MMO market sunk to a new low. MMO's are officially dead. I will never trust MMORPG rating system again. Every game that first comes out in t…
  • Originally posted by Gerec I honestly don't  see anything about this game that excites me in the least. I see some originality, but originality is a moot point if the game looks boring in the first place. You can make an MMO where we all got swall…
  • Knowing it 's from korea and 90% of thier games are free , it probably would be. Ethier way if it was P2P i would'nt afford it because i've already got to many MMO's on my budget.
  • For you stereotyped people ( not directing it at you) you don't have to keep woring about his skin color and him being president . Obama lost many followers after his chicago commercial , LOL. I found it histerical , just because he's a baseball fan…
  • Originally posted by darknakar original maybe  the theme  of the world and have 3 char  whit family  name but sorry  but it still korean style grinding  afert  each x level u get new armor weapon  no custom       whit few skills  in each st…
  • Originally posted by Keebs1984 Originally posted by Draenor Originally posted by Keebs1984 Most overrated game ever. Not true, Halo is the most overrated game ever.   I said it.   Don't get me wrong, I love Halo, but it is nowhere ne…
  • Originally posted by Cobra14744 Gosh.... One sentance about not wanting to pay $15 dolars a month, and you say i'm bitching??? Don't spam my thread please. If you know any games that don't have a monthy fee. and do have player housing then i'd li…
  • Originally posted by dalevi1 Your thread needs work. I see that you claim to like the game and I have also seen you hype it quite freely. So what is the attraction? What about this game separates it from the greatest out there? IE, WoW for mass ap…
  • Originally posted by Gameloading It would be impossible to play this game with WASD. Correct. The game is based on MCC ( Multi-Character-Control) you have to control 3 player's at once so it would be practically impossible to move with WASD.
  • mostly what sven said. Every time you log on (counts as once per day) you get like 2 points for everyday you don't you lose liek 1 point. It's not exactly the way i said but pretty close. The more you post the more points you get. When you pass a ce…
    in Rank Comment by Mr.Man_7 February 2007
  • The picture is broken , so i would'nt really know if it made it any more humorous. I guess it made me giggle a little
  • Well , i think this thread is pointless now that it on top 5. Well not exactly since it is a great game and should be rated atleas a 7.3 for bringing something new into the MMO world.
  • Now that i think of it i rather just go with Muskateer , Elemintalist , Scout if you think of it , the figther well be just running around and it well be diffucult to heal him witht he scout in the back and the figther running around. I'm not so sur…
  • Mine was Runescape , i played it for about a year , no  i dont play it , i quit in 04. I would of rated it 9.5/10 but now i've seen it compared to other MMO's i never knew of it became a 6/10. But it still a decent game.
  • I played CoH for about 3 months last year , than i decided to leave. I thought the fact of just COMBAT alone was boring. But now the more i think about the more it draws me in. When i thought i was out , it pulled me right back in.
  • Originally posted by Gameloading My family name: Lionheart Tydel - Musketeer Kiras - Scout Daine - Elementalist Ugh. I didnt  get in closed beta but was definatley thinking of using that. Geez, way to go.