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  • I think it has that number on the WoW website. Last I checked, it was around 3000 quests, but this is instance/raid, horde and alliance combined.
  • Despite you being all nice and all, I have to say that nobody cares. I doubt Blizzard wtill take much of a blow anyway cause they have more than 7 million people worldwide paying anyway. Not counting character X-fers, more people buying that game.
  • Originally posted by theomega5000 I will give some references that will pretty much blow out any WoW arguement... http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20060809-7459.html 40% of WoW players addicted. WOW, we are talking about 4,000+ just on th…
  • Azgalor and Spinebreaker are not that bad. I am in a raiding guild on Spinebreaker whee most members are 13-16. We do not act like morons during raiding, apart from occasional arguements over vent about something or other. Alliance, I would say, hav…
  • for me, there is not too much that I find wrong with WoW. Yes, PvP is quite pitiful as the above poster stated. Though, I tend to go more towards PvE anyway. Only thing I dont likeis huners. Can't even geta fear off....
  • Originally posted by Homieslice I've played WOW and GW and I have to say this is the best pking MMorpg Ever. First off when u pvp or pk in WOW there no sense of exitment because theres no risk, i mean bg is fun and all but ti gets repetetive. and …
  • Originally posted by Shrimp10 I will tell you this.   It doesnt get boring for everyone.   I've been playing since the game came out, and look at me, i'm still playing.  I know many people who stil play who have been playing for ages.   So I thin…
  • That is not the real background music, but if you the real music, youll know it is much better. Not just some load of crap that sounds like its played by some drums and a guitar.
  • Runescapa has what... less than 1% of the MMO market. They do not even let you mention other MMOs on their foums cause they know their game blows.
  • Yea, everybody knows that RS blows for most of the reasons in this link. http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=49626551&sid=1&pageNo=1 Check this comparison out as well. It shows that WoW>chicken sandwich>turkey…
  • *cough* WoW makes about 50 million a month, not counting the realm tranfers, the hundreds, maybe thousands of people who buy the game everyday, and the money that is made from Blizzard selling their beautiful product to stores accros the whole world…
  • The following link is my reply to a moron that can not spell. http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=49626551&sid=1&pageNo=1  
  • Originally posted by beyky Have you ever looked into the game again since? THe amount of quests, minigames, features is a bit higher now (10k + items, 22 skills, player houses, 14 minigames etc...) It might be worth a look TODAY... beyky …
  • Op! I would like to thank you for your excellent reasons on why RS does blow. Refer to this like for even more reasons, scroll down to the last few posts on page 5 for my 55 things that are wrong with RS. BTW for all you Runescape retards out the…