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  • ssanin said: Finally i'd like to say that you are looking at MMOs, where the whole point is for you to play as long and as frequently as possible.  If you just want to log in, experience something fun and log out, look at Secret World Legends…
  • For my FPS fun I usually log into BF1. Been playing battlefield games for a good few years. Getting more into WoW. Got jumped by a rogue yesterday. Brings back memories. I do love sandbox. I'm an old school swg player. But games like BDO which look …
  • I didn't like playing FF when it was released although I was totally hungover that weekend I haven't played FF since FFVII on the playstation. I would probably prefer WoW but I'm not sure I would have much to do if everyone is a millionaire and I c…
  • I would like to play as I'm looking for a sandbox game that might rival SWG. Oh I've already lost out on 2 kickstarters please send me a beta key
  • Maxious said: Russian language is similar to japan/china which mean i dont understand a single thing. Played kr servers, game failed there with combat system which forced ppl to quit. Now instead of doing ENG version we are getting something li…
  • feckers! making us as miserable as them   Bloody Pity, off to Spain tomorrow for a few days so I won't get to play heheheheheh
  • Easy to fix. Sub for the game (nnooooo we want free to play)  Ok let's go free to play (noooooooooooooo you're putting a cash shop in, PTW) a rock and a hard place. I prefer a sub based game without shop. As long as content is changed on a regular…
  • no, just spent last night and thurs night reinstalling windows 7. Lost a lot of pics and stuff I wanted. It just went KAPUT! also it screwed my internet/wifi around the house. 
  • I had the same dilemma, myself, I had a few 50's on rift and 1 one swtor. I went with swtor, for the polish and storyline. The storyline really is excellent. Full voice acting my grate your nerves on alts (the non class missions) but you caan hit sp…
  • Originally posted by Wizardry Originally posted by Howbadisbad Almost every MMO has 'end game PVP' You should really be more specific This would explain why almost every game is crap.There is such an easy rush to end game levels with no ot…
  • Originally posted by rertez Originally posted by Deadlobster I tried the wall staring after the computer screen staring. It  wasn't for me.  Was thinking about GW2 since I never played to end game in it. New level cap coming might mean higher t…
  • I tried the wall staring after the computer screen staring. It  wasn't for me.  Was thinking about GW2 since I never played to end game in it. New level cap coming might mean higher tier gear etc. ESO ...... just couldnt get into it.
  • agree with the other poster. I went farming and crafting at the start and it's head wrecking as you feel you must always log in. Even on nights where I had no intention of playing I still had to log in to harvest stuff.  Stay free to play, to dunge…
  • check this piece out on it.
  • Playing a bit, and enjoying. Took my time with the scenarios at the start to learn the moves. I'm using the speedlink blackwidow which isn't too bad. Still trying to figure out the controls etc and what to do. Considering I dropped 60/70 euro on foo…
  • Originally posted by Myria To me it has been well worth it. I loved the old school space sims back in the day, and this is all those were and a lot more. I'm seriously impressed with how polished it is for a beta and looking forward to how it improv…
  • Hmmm thanks for all the replies. Almost ready to bite, one last question. If I buy, is my time limited? do I get a few days or can I play the single player part without breaks? 
  • anyone playing EU servers care to comment on the latency issues I'm considering resubbing. Truth be told, I'm looking at rift, swtor and eso.
  • Dito woohoo I'm in a beta..... wait I can't remember applying for a bioware one. maybe it's an swtor thing lol
  • Originally posted by Prepared Originally posted by Ramanadjinn Just gotta back up what the above poster said. They aren't really moving along at an extremely quick pace. I'd say August at minimum.  But i'd bet on it being later.   Sam…