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I get bored easaly so i have time 2 try out lots of games. But i hate payin 4 them so most of my acconts r free. if your gona email me say ur from "mmorpg" in subject line pls


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  • I've herd about elder scrolls V coming. And about that im happy, but an MMO?? that would be horrible. it would crush normal gameplay. They would have to tottaly recreate class and skill system. and on top of that i wont be able to go on a killing sp…
  • Originally posted by FishSeaMan Originally posted by tokenizer I've noticed a general F2P hate on this forums, and I don't understand it. A company give a free game to peoples, basically, and you cry about it? And to be honest, I played a lot o…
  • Originally posted by Wickersham "I eat innocent meat" What do you consider to be guilty meat?   its really just a suprizing phrase to catch peoples attention. aside from that its a line in a song by "marilyn manson"
  • Originally posted by Dekron Originally posted by Trizic but other things such as weaker immune systems bring them down. And how exactly is that? I've never read anything regarding the immunity boosting powers of meats. Here are some great …
  • id like one plz           d_manbob@verizon.net
  • Originally posted by CleffyII You can play WoW right now with George Bush.   SERIOUSLY????? thats qcrazy
  • obama.. u kno he'll be good for games
  • Originally posted by iFroob You people only hate it beacuse you choose a crappy class. Being an archer is a lot of fun. thats what i chose. i dident choose a crappy class you chose a crappy game
  • ok, you need to remember that tis is only my opinion. and my opinion is that  this game is wasted had drive space
  • Originally posted by Jabberwock80 Ok..  first of all... I said "this kind of games"... they are pretty simular in there grafics and style! And Im refering to f2p-games in general. ok im srry for that i dident notice it I have played LOTRO.. and…
  • Originally posted by Nasica   Originally posted by Ferusa Merry Christrmas, although I don't believe Jesus was born on the 25th of December.   Nor do Christians. Merry Christmas all HO HO...., oh crap, HE HE HE My appologies to all wom…
  • Originally posted by Jabberwock80 I've played Holic, Feista and Tales of Pirates.. and all I can say is; If you like this kind of games then DoM is the greatest of them all!   ....first of all tghe games you played befor this, suck in the fir…
  • i got a better idea. dont play at all ythis game sucks. try somethin better like LOTRO or if u wanna stay free, last chaos
  • altho this game i not as good as others it is rather enjoyable
    in Fun Comment by hellsfear April 2008
  • to be compleatly honest. this game is for yong people who are new to mmos. altho it sucks in comparison
  • its an all right game buty all in all i wouldint reccomed it above many
  • Originally posted by Jesse80 the game is not bad and it has gotten better with transformation     What are you talking about, this ame could not get any worse. its like a poripine in the petting zoo of life.
  • Originally posted by Hypergolic   This game has FAIL written all over it. Poorly managed by a company that doesn't respond to anything.  The cash shop prices are so high that only spoiled kids with access to mommy's PayPal account will ever spend…
  • the game is pretty good it just gets boring rely RELY fast
  • Originally posted by BOYVIRGO666 iv been playing this game for a week and have to say it is mighty fun but holy crap does it crash alot. i cant got more than a half hour without having to restart the game. its a great game but i dont know if its …