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  • They have already said (quoting from memory) "If you log in and none of your friends are on there will still be plenty to do solo"
  • Amathe said: Utinni said: Not sure why people always refer to a game requiring more time as being more challenging. It's really not the same thing. Because the meaning of "challenge" includes a difficulty of some type that must be ov…
  • Amathe said: Sovrath said: While it might have been a challenge I don't think it was a done on purpose. I don't picture Verant laughing maniacally (Muhahahahahahah) saying "this will teach them to play EQ. Let's make storage and …
  • I disagree with the ideal that you shouldnt be able to transfer stuff to characters on the same account.  Havent heard a valid reason yet for that.
  • I think the reason I dont like the returning hero backstory is that it stinks of royalty.  You dont become great you are born great.
  • Tamanous said: bentrim said: Pantheon is so far away, I think WOW will be shut down, taking a dirt nap before it is released. With the new expansion and Classic coming that will refresh interest in Wow over the next 2-3 years ..…
  • It bothers me mostly because it sounds too much like Rift.
  • I hope this is a successor to eq1, but I think managing to release expansions in time may be a problem.  EQ took just 1 year to get their first expansion out.  This is important.  When people finish content and have nothing new to strive for to they…
  • Even EQ doesnt necessarily run well on a toaster.  People complain all the time about lag in pok where lots of people congregate for buffs.  Presumably people that run eq on a toaster.
  • by your command..
  • SavageHorizon said: svann said: Wow beat eq for one reason - quests.  At the time eq was known as neverquest.  There is no way pantheon copies that classic mentality of constant camping no questing. Ermm that wasn't the reaso…
  • As an aside, it seems EQ1 has brought the classic death penalty back. At max level res does not give you back your xp loss.  Its a bug though, and will be fixed... eventually.
  • I call this the pre-payment phase, because its before my first payment.  Will be looking forward to post-payment as soon as they set a date.
  • Scolioz said: I played AC1 for 2 years before finally trying EQ.. The first impression I had of EQ when I first logged in was that the graphics were shit... the game moved slow as hell.. and the zoning sucked...  In AC1 your character ran like…
    in Graphics Comment by svann December 2017
  • EQ1 just now introduced an inventory system that is just peaches.  There is a button on your character window that you push and it opens up a window with a list (in table form) of your inventory in alphabetical order.  Each item shows whether it is …
  • Yes EQ1 has a collection system.  They look like a large marble, literally shiny.  Not exactly like EQ2 but close. I think you are on the right track with items that are hidden in the world, but I dont think I like the idea of old EQ1 type quest it…
  • Gyva02 said: Mendel said: svann said: Maybe collecting could be implemented in a good way, but shinies on the ground is bullshit. Where's the crew complaining that shinies on the ground breaks immersion?  That is the o…
  • mounts Why is auction house bad, broker system good?  Arent they both basically a way to auto-sell?
  • Maybe collecting could be implemented in a good way, but shinies on the ground is bullshit.
  • Collections always seemed to me to be anti-lore.  Its like: lets just drop some random crap here and there and over there and players have to run around to pick it up.  No reason for it to be there and no real purpose to the bits except that you pic…