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  • Why not a service like : "Order a lvl capped char of your choice for 29,95$" and "Buy it before friday and get another for 10$". Nad just to make sure you grated every user's wishes : "Craft you own weap for 10$ or more with our super 1337 items cr…
  • Dont lose hope or it will happens to you too ... I never won anything yet since im a member ... so I somewhat didnt expected to won ... but guess what I did won but didnt confirmed in time ... so keep hope it might happen to you :P   gratz to th…
  • kickass teaser... never been an EQ fanboy but for sure i'm going to be in the sequel as long the gameplay will have something good to keep me in it .   edit : yea someday I won't just be the player ...mab I'll be a part of the game's creation ..…
  • maybe its some ppl who created too many accounts and dont remember their password or maybe those 2 are ppl who has a real life
  • Oh well gratz to those who won already ... 2 still need confirmation but its just a matter of time :P
  • its not like I didnt expected it ... they have done it bfore and never twice without 3 time
  • Try login in with your account name and pass .. it will tell you if it worked  
    in Open beta Comment by Meip May 2004
  • Well the question is for those who thinks its not a MMORPG ... Whats DW is missing to be taged MMORPG from you guys ?
  • Yea I've played quite few hours last nite and I enjoyed it.  Nice eyes candy ... Running well with low spec comp. 1 dissapointement tho .. The city is freaking HUGE
  • Language doesnt really matter IMO since I'm registered since last june I speak French as well and not being selected I got 2 comp different specs but I dunno what else I have to do... But for sure I refuse to spam the forum to have more chance to ge…
    in Open beta Comment by Meip May 2004
  • Yea I remember Moo's trash can bug and when one of them got interviewed... The funniest question was : What is the rarest item you ever got ... the answer was a GM corpse ... I laughed a good one :P
    in M0o? Comment by Meip May 2004
  • I played MU beta about 6 months ago and I think its still beta... But now its just a game hacking practice feild.  Korean version is retail tho
  • Actually I did paid for RoE but due to lack of content I left after 1 month ... And I think I was the first one to get on founder Island w/o paying for it :P ( we just did our beta testing duty )
  • We will see it thursday ... but last news was L2 gone gold so I guess we have to wait  
    in l2 delay Comment by Meip April 2004
  • It's playable but ppl have to keep in mind its still beta.  But its a fun game so far.
    in Ryzom fun? Comment by Meip April 2004
  • Lets say I've tried once every hour or so I need a MMORPG  fix ... MEDIC !!!! 
  • nah but thx tho ... I guess I'm doing something wrong. Well I just hope fileplanet staff can send me a cd-key thru mail ... otherwise im not sure I'll be able to test Ryzom But thx again I guess it working for everyone else xcept me :P
  • I've done it few times still no key  
  • I'd rather fast lvl to reach cap and then you can try out other races/classes and then stick with the ones you prefer.  In this case it hurt less when you want to delete your lvl 50 char to switch realm aka DAOC
    in Level Caps Comment by Meip April 2004
  • It,s worst than a 2nd real life job ... Too much time consuming for what ? Castle Seige ? I could barely pass lvl 20 in 2 weeks.  MuOnline/KOnline/Lineage2 are just about the same .. just differents graphics