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Started with mmorpg's with asherons call and then progressed onto daoc....met some of the coolest peeps from around the world there :)


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  • Thanks all for the replies One thing that still bothers me is the 3rd person view. I'm not a fan of the over the shoulder 3rd person view found in console games...can this be changed to a full behind your character view? ta
  • I think most mmo's cater quite well for soloists and group players the problem starts when the solo quest line inevitabley leads to elite mob group quest and you can't find anyone to do it with. I've encountered this with aion swg and now Conan. Th…
  • I can understand the op's concerns about billing. I had same worries as I entered my details but the confirm payment or whatever it called never changed. Log into game i'm still stuck with ffp restrictions. Back to confirm payment a second time.....…
  • Yes I have subscribed to Aoc.... I have tried setting forum access to same log in name and password for forums with no success. Also used different log in name and password for forums....still no joy
  • Thanks for the info. I wonder what the load will be like on download site heh!
  • Aye done that Cat' mate still no joy, right pain in the arse heh!
  • Hi, it seems the client won't save video settings. When I load the game dx10 and my resolution 1280x1084 is okay but I can see the minimise and close boxes top right of screen....when I click fullscreen have to reset resolution again I see posts ab…
  • Thanks for the info I think I'll be subbing. Another thing I liked about Aion was the shared bank vault.... Does Aoc have the same thing. Is there a broker/auction house? How about in game mail for sending items to alt's?
  • I take it the item store takes real currency? I'll have to check it out, can you access store offline?
  • Thanks for all the info you've provided so far The only thing that is offputting for me are armour appearances. I'm currently playing Aion and characters look cool...a lot better than Aoc. Does armour improve ingame? i know theres a vanity appearan…
  • Thanks for the info also i have noticed that some players  and npc's appear greyed out until i get close to them....is this normal?
  • Aion is a very good game. The graphics are beautiful and progression is easy at the start so you don't end feeling lost at the beginning. There are plenty of quests to keep you busy and your first entry into instance dungeons comes with haramel a s…
  • I seem to remember the game requiring a tnt32 meg card to play swg....5 years on with my 4 gig of ram and a 1 meg gfx card its no different to how i experienced it back then heh! takes no bloody advantage of new kit
  • I wondered exactly the same thing some time ago and bought the re-released box version with the freebies. My first memories of EVE were of mission running which weren't too difficult so thought i'd continue with those. I started the Sisters of EVE…
  • If you've never played swg before you'll find plenty to occupy yourself.... Find a populated server if your european choose Farstar or Chim....Chim has a far better crafting base tho'  for items and a lot cheaper than Farstar.. Commando proff wi…
  • It's in the options menu. its quite good using mouse to steer and up and down keys to adjust speed.
    in JTL help Comment by panache October 2009
  • Think i played for around 2 months. I seemed to get grip of what i was doing early on but this time i seem to be overwhelmed with it all heh! Even during the first time during the combat tuturiol mission i couldn't find out where the destoyed ship w…
  • Thanks for the tips guys i definately want to repeat the tutorial so the information sinks in. Doing the tutorial the first time after completing the tutorial agents missions i was sent off after the militray agent and did a few jumps to get there.…
  • Thanks for clearing that question up guys
  • Hiya, If your new to SWG and starting again is not too much of a problem for you pick a European server. I returned to SWG last September to my old server of Eclipse and found it bloody dead!. I started a new character on Euro Chimera 3 weeks ago an…