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  • Nice pointless post Neas haha. The point is not if it's better or not to play on us servers. The point is can you play on em from outside. Get with the program haha.
  • Official blizzard policy is that you can play on US servers if you have a US billing address/credit card billing address. I wouldn't recommend you try if you can't get a US billing address. Although another alternative is you can have a clanmate o…
  • What most gamers don't understand is that if you are going to compare two games, you compare 1 thing and 1 thing only FUN. Which game is more fun to play. That is THE ONLY THING that matters. This is the whole reason for playing a game - FUN. Sur…
  • After reading the Guild Wars Photics issue #7 I can safely assume that it won't be out this year. www.photics.com People with half a brain and no programming and extensive video gaming experience, please abstain from flaming.
  • Some time next year would be defiantely a probability since: 1) It's still in alpha. 2) From beta to gold is a few months. 3) I don't think there's 3 months left of work. I'd say alot more.
  • Finished all the alpha quests (except the last one they opened the last day with the gryphons) Charmed a lynx Was warrior/ranger Walked all the open areas. Did alot of the solo quest Armour and weapons looked spectacular Arrows worked well best …
  • Yeah, I can't possibly imagine why someone would use a bot in this game.
  • Of course its speculation! But based on what we know and have seen "so far" Hehe. Agreed with your last statement there.
  • Hey something just occured to me. Let's make a serious of attributes and state which is the best game in which area. PLease feel free to expand on them and add more sub-categories or super-categories. We state which game comes out on top in each…
  • Guardianking You should really consider returning your brain back wherever you got it for and exchange it for one that works Or maybe, you might be better off to get your 1.5 cents that you spent on it back.
  • Medevia. Got banned for loot stealing.
  • GW had open 4 day alpha test to the public. Uhhmm but if you say the other 2 are showing more you must be right.
  • I think arenanet is sharing alot more information than any other serious company has shared in the past. Open alpha test/demo for a highly anticipated title? Who else has done that? How can you possibly share any more information at this stage th…
  • There has been alot of controversy with GW about whether or not it's an MMORPG. Alot of people are confused with what an MMORPG is or should be. Basically if the game is on www.mmorpg.com it means it is an mmorpg. So rest assured that the people in…
  • To answe some of your questions: -----Tiger>That is quiet resonable, so it will end up as a verion of diablo without the many skills but more quest based. Don't know how many skills diablo had, but GW will have about 400+ initially, of which…
  • Basically the key difference is that in GW leveling is not a GRIND. You don't have to kill the same mobs over and over in the same place. In GW you adventure, and as you adventure you gain levels. Getting specifit items upgraded might be a differe…
  • The reason is obvious to everyone. No monthly fee. Silly question really.
  • Completely agree with the above poster.
  • You know what? Just from the silly colours and the type of language you use, I'm not even gonna bother reading your post
  • You might want to read the entire thread before coming in on page 20+ and starting to post in an ON-GOING conversation. Once again, all your "counter arguments" are contest based. Obviously if I say WOW is an EQ2 clone I'm not talking about conten…