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Betas : Guildwars, RF Online, Archlord, City Of Villains, City of Heroes, LOTRO, Dungeon Runners


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  • lmao if i had to pay $49.99 for dungeon runners i would. An it is free but thats merely to test the game if u want to become a member you can at $5.99/ month. Lol  why do u take it personally when i say that i like another game over your precious LO…
  • lol yah actually im in the beta right now for LOTRO, as i said i was very pumped about this game which is why i tried so hard to get in to the beta. It has been dissapointing, that is my opinion and if you have other thoughts on the beta then share …
  • I feel sorry for them as well. Ive been beta testing and honestly this game is pretty bad. i was so hyped to play this game and it came crashing down when i was invited to the beta. Just not an appealing game overall.  I'm sure someone is gonna call…
  • Only time will tell to see how good this game really will be but right now it looks like its on track to be about a 7.5/10. Which isnt that bad but then again its not so great. And in an MMO where you have to pay monthly , gamers are looking for gre…
  • Ive played guild wars for a while but i dont think gods and heroes is very similar too it. Sure all mmo's have some similairty but thats just basic. Looks liek a preety good game so far hopefully it ends up like that.
  • Take a chill pill. Lol eveyrones entitled to their own opinion. My opinion is it ownt flop. Thus i made this thread to see other peoples opinion of the game. Theres no point in posting if your jsut gonna say we have no right to voice our opinions. G…
  • I suspect that if they do continue not to have the wizard as a class they will introduce the wizard maybe later in an expansion.