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  • I got nothing  I just want a refund *sigh*
  • can we say NGE all grown up like the staypuff marshmallow game grinding wz for gear = not fun for me  what happened to open world pvp ??  anyways *sigh*
  • well like anyone else who got a free trial I gave nge a try and it failed and it made me feel dirty DIRTY I TELL YA   lasted about a whole 3 days  then gave my account to my rl brother who didnt mind nge that much  yea I dont get it either
  • Hello swg vets pre-cu I was very precouses about trying the game swtor but even though it is a different game  bioware did a real good job on it I know my old toon will never be born again I am getting that old swg feeling again  Im am on a rp/pvp s…
  • Originally posted by Nunez1212 Originally posted by sieno yea crossfire 6870 duels Pretty sweet, but honestly I would rather have gotten a single GPU such as a gtx 570 twin frozr III for the same cost. phenom quad 975 Again, great cpu b…
  • Originally posted by Xenharmonic Hi all! So once upon a time I used to play World of Warcraft. The scenary, lore and concept behind it was great but the problem for me is that it simply takes too long. Levels 1-30 or 40 or whatever were fun, to be…
  • Originally posted by bezado   Originally posted by Barbarbar Originally posted by Quizzical $1800 is an awful lot unless you've got something special in there that you're not mentioning.  A huge SSD?  Multiple monitors inclu…
  • its a dell no dice sry man try to go with asus on tiger direct saw some refurbished ones for like under 1000$
  • Originally posted by Barbarbar It looks like a great system you got there. Your table looks smallish though, how can you not knock those speakers down when you play?  it has a pull out table  underneath  for my key board and mouse lol the table…
  • yea I picked up a cheapy table for now  probably after xmas and getting everyone gifts get a bigger table not a big intel fan even though they are good and alot of sense has been made here thanks 
  • yea 1800$ not bad  since the ram upgrade was free so that helped a little
  • I agree it has been dead to me as well and I have also banned all soe games from my gaming library  also
  • hunting jedi with my friend (mstr bh) aim  and camps the buff lines the cities and shopping through all the different crafter items made to hunting for crafters aswell sooo many to really mention
  • why is it the one I choose better  is becouse  youre pulling fans you would want the  extra to pull your fans and cpu plus running the recommended specs on your card plus and better quality  for either ati or nvidia incase you wanted to go sli or cr…
  • (clears throat and coughs)   rift anyone ????
  • if youre using all fans  try this power source Item #: U12-40503 COMPARE Ultra X4 850-Watt Modular Power Supply - 135mm Fan, ATX, Lifetime Warranty, 80+ Silver, NVIDIA SLI & ATI Crossfire Certifications …
  • swg kettemoore server    pre-cu  
  • Originally posted by Frostbite05 Originally posted by sieno I for one will never forget  call it as u may  but I  dont care who made the call on it  doesnt mean I have to pay for it and I like sniffling on this sight about it becouse it is the ve…
  • I for one will never forget  call it as u may  but I  dont care who made the call on it  doesnt mean I have to pay for it and I like sniffling on this sight about it becouse it is the vet sight made just for us and plus its better than the mmo games…
  • I would go for the 2nd one the amd 3.2 quad core  and take out the card  and get a better card  I always ran ati and amd  the six core isnt something you need for gaming  try newegg and buy a card off them  but the quad core looks like youre best be…