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A lot of years of gameplay


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  • I played russian version in russian servers, then i unsure about english this item name, you can get it from any monster drop that item which allows you to PK/PVP player which not want it and it very fequent drop, sometimes grinding monsters i got t…
  • Hello, After 2 years break  i started to play this game again, then what i can say: Idea of game and game is good, but: 1. They still not solved trading stalls problem, at cities stay thousants of people which very much lag the server, they ha…
  • Originally posted by stebui Silkroad europe comes out 24th july. It says that, on there homepage  IF they not kick AFK'ers after 5 min idle, don't change trading system to web based and not ban viets and others NON EU IP's - nothing will chang…
  • Originally posted by Holy_Alucard The best way to earn money on SRO, learn the economy of the game (how much are the items +1,+2,+3,sos etc..) and buy them cheap sell them expensive lets say theres a lvl24 sos blade for 600k you buy it and sell it…
  • 1. They just use nPort developed GameGuard ( http://eng.nprotect.com/nprotect_gameguard.htm ) which like i heard rumors easy hack SRO bot; 2. Prices i think maybye a bit to hight, because they not so much have to offer, only fight, fight and fight…
  • Originally posted by Davio umm everytime i try to make an account it doesnt let me!! and when i think i have completed my registeration it wont let me in!! ANY IDEAS? PLEASE! I WANNA PLAY IT SO BADLY!! Hello Davio, They limit accounts registra…
  • Links already are dead i need this files too That game is my first MMORPG what i am played some time ago if not counting runescape, just no server where i played at that times.. I very loved this game, but my PC motherboard and CPU core burned …