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  • Originally posted by Magefist I found it very helpful and will try to build my character further with these information. Especially I found it interesting that you can get several passive skills from different weapon specs. They really should have h…
  • Has anyone found any of this helpful?
  • You people all amaze me... Before the game came out they said "Little content patched every month and substantially bigger ones 3 times a year" everyone stated "It'll never happen". This get's announced and seems pretty substantial to me in terms of…
  • More in depth on STATS!!!!!!!   I'm going to go over each stat with all the information currently I could find about them and what they're good for in game. I wil also put in the speculatory parts but listed as such.   * Health: Obvious…
  • I agree some of the stuff in game is very vague... Like if you specialize in a tree that's when you access the "BONUS" that tree offers "Affinity" I think it's called in the top left. Alot of the game could use a little deeper explanation and someon…
  • I was just thinking of addiing it for the more suvivability or something as alot of people were telling me not to go 3/3 all healers CAUSE I WILL!!!! haha. So would you guys suggest just having a build PURE healing or having 1/3 be something fighty …
    in Healing Comment by Everith January 2011
  • Originally posted by XenOshade You said tanks want dom to break out of cc, but I thought willpower was the stat for breaking cc.f  Will power as far as I can tell was removed at some point. Dom is the stat of choice so I'm told... But I don't t…
  • Yea I really wanna be a "Lawful Good" group/raid healer. I'm starting to get an idea from you guys what's doin. Seems I should do Justicar first maybe to level and dps/outlast guys then pick up 2 other healing buffing souls for the gorup.
    in Healing Comment by Everith January 2011
  • Thanks Teala your oppinion is always welcome! Alot of people including above told me to keep one offensive one but is that needed in the more Group content or is that more for a solo mindset? Could I go all support healing and still be wanted?
    in Healing Comment by Everith January 2011
  • I was thinking of going Justicar Sentinel Purifier... I don't know how that'd work they're all pretty defensive but I'm thinking I can sit back and heal and if need be get in the fray to deal damage and still be able to hold down the healing. I didn…
    in Healing Comment by Everith January 2011
  • Originally posted by GameJeff Originally posted by meetxj9 ... Customization is limited. - Have you even seen wow's Character creation? The only other game that rivals this is CO. ...   This is where I disagree. CO blow away DCUO in…
  • Alot of this problem has to do with BETA too... ALOT of people got into beta. Factor all your beta time on top of release time and I have about 5 months playing the game. Still enjoying it personally but I CAN see why someone would get bored after t…
  • Yea it's not bad if you just explain to the tank what's going on usually they go "OH I NEVER KNEW" and make a build since it takes 3 seconds and no money hardly to respec. Only once did someone argue with us... needless to say we wiped a bunch and…
  • The thing is though that yes the older games were someones attempt at recreating tabletop in graphical format. Today that's not the case. With graphics and production value (not to mention bugs) being such big issues it's hard to add as much "EVERYT…
  • Yea this is a problem. We always run with people we know so I've never got the "Crappy joiner"... although once or twice we did seek a Tank cause we didn't have any friend tanks on and then went BADLY. Problem with pick up tanks for the Hard mode …
  • I agree 100%. I'm REALLY looking forward to it... but some people are making it out to be the holy grail of MMO's which I think is just not (or EVER) going to happen. Alot of people are going to be in for a rude awakening. Still probably going to …
  • People keep forgetting though that lvl 30 is not the cap... It's the end of POWER points... you still have 60+ skill points to earn which add to your weapon powers and innates which are vital to completing some of the endgame content.
  • I'm going to add my name to the list that would like you to add some for RIft! Good job!
  • haha I'm with you. There IS an option like that... I got to it accidently some how but I forget what I did haha.
  • My servers are always on high and pleanty of people grouping and hanging out. They added more servers and upped capacity on the current ones. Regardless of rumored sales figures I think it has a healthy community... for now at least.