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i like pie i have this name because i have spent 3 years in the mental asylum (ok thats not true but whatever)


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  • Wow you people keep saying things wich are completely wrong   first off the graphics wich keep being mentioned do you people not comprehend the phrase shut up.. its old  everyone knows the graphics suck do you REALLY need to go on about it and the t…
  • I understand that  people dont use graphics as theire main arguement but everyone knows they suck...so why   do we need to hear it again people who play runescape dont like it for the graphics so whats the use of trying to put us down for it  its po…
  • Im not about to start flaming you but  here are a few  things id like to say:One only a few people may get addicted others play it maybe about  30 minutes  every day,not everyone considers the game to get boring  at this time,Actually they cn  make …
  • Originally posted by evolutionist Originally posted by Arkei If you would play it you would think otherwise. (SNICKER SNICKER) dude like every kid i know who has played that game thought it was like the bomb at first just becuz it was free …
  • well actually i typed that wrong i meant that most people on this site hate runescape....the graphics was meant for other sites search on different sites and you will see so very many people complainging about graphics
  • Originally posted by knightknife Yeah man, i know what your talkin about. When i played rs....people made fun of me and said it sucked.....to bad they were RIGHT!!! OMG DONT PLAY IT!!! IT MORE ADDICTING THAN THE OTHER MMOS!!! SAVE YOURSELF AND DONT…
  • Originally posted by tryer i like runescape because its a challenge. there is so much to do like pickpocketing form attackable npc's, slaying dragongs, killing a level 35 count drayor in drayor manor. well you get the idea... dont jude a book by it…
  • Ordinarily id agree  but i think most people on this site hate RS for graphics...I dont though iactually like RS...yes start flaming me and saying 0mg J00 n00bl3t j00 l1k3 run35c4p3 y0u5 g41 ub3r n00b or something like that...i see things like that …
  • As said by lostseraph about the thieving skill Ex. #3 - theiving; useless, repetetive, no fun, pointless, doesn't make money Whats wrong with you thieving DOES make money Did you even TRY it or are you just saying something you heard someone els…
  • Originally posted by sparky7483 There are only 4 main things that I see wrong with this game *Community just a bunch of stupid 9 year olds *Constant grinding it takes hours 2 lvl up *The horrible clicking the lack of WASD kinda makes 4 a boring wa…
  • It is a good game I hate the sound enemies make too...the pink bunnies sound like kittens I dont know if the community is good or not no one ever seems to talk    
  • You people need to stop worrying about graphics....I have to agree they arent very good...but for a java based game theyre good
  • You really should just stop complaining about the game and go to  the game forums for what you like...
  • I disagree with playing AO and SWG sucks in my opinon anyway i didnt really like AO that much
  • Flamers are always trying to get  people like me and others who like rs to hate it quit it and pay $50 a month for something that lags is boring and  sucks all around
  • I have played many MMORPGs and i must say i do  enjoy this one ive had others wich are better and im also happy you didnt say you hate it  just for graphics....
  • You know seriously if you hate it so much quit complaining and go play something else
  • im going to play this game soon and i shall probably fight for the axis most often 
  • lol for a second i thought you meant this forum    
  • WARNING WARNING WARNING: this game is like smoking drusg you CAN NOT stop I enjoy this game so it's fine by me