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Old Pen and Paper and solo RPGs, I play a lot of Magic the gathering. I played septerra core, final fantasy and so on... and I have been playing The Saga Of Ryzom for a year.


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  • Originally posted by jackoba best looking is lakes best land though is desert I understand why I see your fyros butt in Avendale all the time now :P My favorite is lake also for the weather I guess (we ve got the best sun tan even Fyros gotta adm…
  • Hey, What I like most about Ryzom is the (most of the times) caring and respectful community (most of the times cos we are only homins and can turn loony and emotional at some points )... I love the non instanced world, the unique ecosystem I have…
  • Originally posted by GRIMACHU You CAN however make whole guild villages/settlements/vacation spots/training grounds in Ryzom Ring. Yea but you can't store anything in there atm. could be something to suggest to devs by the way when the pay…
  • What Arremus says ! couldn't have said it better... (and no your post isn't bitchy at all just down right) Plus the name is Tigane not Tigrane ! And if nobody helped you, as you say, it is prolly because you were to WoWish we don't really like th…
  • Originally posted by WortexMieVa 1.I saw the interface and i heard that the gamingstyle is a bit hard to get used to but awesome once you get it down, is this something like you find in SWG? (Yes im en Ex-SWG gamer)Well I daresay it is like nothin…
  • Maybe they ll make up some kind of Harvest/craft skill which would allow you to do some business with players but also NPCs.
    in money Comment by moyaku October 2006
  • I definitly hope it s gonna be free even if it s not right at release but a little after... Pth flight wouldn't at all be as much fun but it still would be better than having wings and not be abme to fly at all .
  • I hope they will make it kind of like in SoR, there we can team up opposite faction peeps (even when flagged) and do things together. Being in opposite factions doesn't necessarly mean being ennemies, I do have friends in opposite faction in Ryzom a…
  • Hey, I hope they make it so you can flag up to enable PvP mode. On the other hand, I feel like there should be some areas where you are attackable no matter what but definitely not the entire world ; also some kinds of meaningful fights like sieges…
  • Hey, Thanx for the linkies In case you don't know this one, check it out it as fairly active members.
  • Originally posted by valo_666 We should start a pole expressing our uttermost hate for instances. Who's with me???                                                                                           Hey, As a player of The Saga of Ryzom…