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  • The thing for me is this.  I have played just about every game described here unless it is very PvP-centric.  Pre-trammel UO was the exception, I guess, though I didn't really know I was playing a PvP game then.  I thought I was playing a game with …
  • Originally posted by Gabby-air Lol looks like you went in there expecting something like wow, seriously though your review is bad.   Nope I didn't want WoW, I can assure you.  What made you think that?  I mean, it's easy to criticize and n…
  • Wow!  Well thought out replies and fair rebuttals...is this the right website?
  • I had EA, converted it to retail and can get in the game, but I still can't get on the forums.  These monkeys have no idea what they are doing.  When the only support you provide is through e-mail (two day response) or forums, you darn well should a…
  • :Bump: ...I have the same issue.  I would ask on the official forums, but they still have me locked out even though I can log in.  I am sitting here staring at my Guest Pass with a black code and says check the registration website.  I went to every…
  • Question 1: Should player Jedi exist in the game? If yes, continue to question two. If no, just say no and your done. No, Jedi should be NPC's
  • Originally posted by Aelfinn So, whats with the free trial? I finally decided to see what the hype, both good and bad was about, signed up for the ten day trial and downloaded. Four hours later, I've exhausted everything the begginers area has to …
    in Eh? Comment by Nonnus September 2006
  • KenshuAni wrote: BH/Ranger, eh?  Let me guess, you only had the tracking tree in ranger, right? No, the Ranger part was there to harvest meat to feed the BE.  He was also Master Ranger, or very close (how quickly we forget).  Probably a tremendo…