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  • If anyone has an extra, I'd greatly appreciate one as well.
  • Love to try it out.
  • I just want a single player Orcs Must Die 3 with a story. Didn't really want this Unchained online thing.
  • I'd assume it would be fine... But what do you think you'd be able to run Age of Conan at with the new iMacs running Bootcamp:   * 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo * 2GB memory (DDR2 800MHz) * NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS with 512MB (GDDR3)
  • Sword of the New World [Scroll Left to Right]
  • Well from a female perspective I can tell you this... The game just didn't promote much grouping and socializing (at least levels 50 and below).  Not sure what it's like after that, but I can tell you I burned out on the game quickly even though I l…
  • This game already has private servers?  That's kind of depressing.
  • Originally posted by boommer99 This is just not true.  I had a costume piece drop in Porto Bello off a level 36 mob.  A clan mate had the same thing happen.  They are dropping. soo... Ok so I'm a little confused again.  When costume pieces dro…
  •   Originally posted by boommer99  SO... in reality, as you level you can get new costumes from quests, crafting, AM events, the cash shop and item drops.  They are there, you just cannot change costumes until after like 50 or something... Unles…
  • I just want to look different.  And don't want to have to recreate my characters.  Don't really care about armor.  I thought I was reading how every few levels you could buy new clothes to change your characters look.  Maybe I'm thinking of the wron…
  • Originally posted by numtini It's really not a very social game. That would be my biggest complaint about it.   And so far that seems to be my only issue.
  • First let me start off by saying I love the feel of the game.  I like the music, and the look of the game.  Zip Zip Ah Roo!!!!   Anywhot, I've seen tons of people running around (which actually may not be a lot since everyone controls 3 people).…
  • I wasn't even aware that RF Online or Fileplanet was offering free Trials of the game anymore.  I thought they closed the free trial period a LONG TIME ago.
  • Originally posted by DVsilent RYL2: Incomplete Union is one Hella game, shoulda be on there, much better than 90% of the games that are on there Sorry that I might sound newbish here (dumb gal here)... But is RYL2 related to the RYL game that y…
  • I love Final Fantasy games... It's just that Final Fantasy 11 never stuck with me.  If they added more character customization (creation and armor styles... EVERYONE looks the same), and if they just picked up the pace on fighting (heck just like sp…
  • City of Heroes/Villains is extremely fun......... For like the first month.  After that it gets super super super repetitive. Unless something has changed recently EVERY quest was pretty much the same.  And since there isn't really armor or weapons.…
  • Well from what I understand (I personally haven't tried them) the Everquest Progression servers are catching on like wildfire.  Enough so that they either are planning or already have made a second Progression server.  Would I say it's dying... no..…
  • Originally posted by Greslore You save a dying MMO by keep on doing your thing as a company.  If you are good at what you do, your MMO will succeed.  If you dont, well - Darwin. Well in theory that should work, but I loved my Sega Dreamcast back…
  • I was just typing something up about SWG on another discussion board, but I think what more companies need to do other than offering a 7 day trial (which really on caters to the new people that have never tried the game before, which is good btw), i…
  • I don't have a lot of personal experience with it lately, I'm kind of like you, tried it when it first came out and haven't really played it since.  But my bf tried it a couple of months ago and has stated he doesn't like the new changes.  When he c…