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  • I still can't believe AC shut down when there are games still kicking with far less players. I hate to resort to cliches and say large corporations are bad, but Warner Bros. being a big, careless corporation is the only explanation I can come up…
  • Gutlard said: How hard is to to program games to have both FFA and PVE? On this server you can kill everything. On that server you can only kill mobs. I'm guessing it must be pretty hard. Gut Out! Amazon sees the trends in gaming. Mo…
  • New World is more of a survival game than an MMORPG. It's more like Rust than WoW. It's not a Rust clone though. It a mix of genres. I think it's going to be a big success.
  • I hope they make one of these without a num pad. I switched to a keyboard without a num pad a few years ago. I thought I'd miss having a full size keyboard, but it was easy to adjust my typing. The extra desk space is great.
  • blueturtle13 said:  Kim Swift (Portal), and Clint Hocking (Far Cry 2) of Amazon Game Studios What is this Scorpio game behind them? Hmmm The game is called "The Unmaking". It's a first person tower defense game. It hasn't been r…
  • Myrdynn said: how are you playing? I cant even get it from Turbine? You can download the game here. You might need to setup port forwarding depending on your router. You might also need to uninstall your antivirus software if the game wo…
  • If anyone wants to run a public server, it's going to be quite an investment. Static IP's can be expensive. Also, any busy server will probably hit the limits of SQL Server Express. SQL Server Standard costs $1000. Not to mention you need physical h…
  • I bet the rights to AC will be sold off and transferred around several times over the next decade. Eventually it will be sold to a small company that will try to crowdfund a sequel. WB is only interested in "safe" games with major brand tie-ins.
    in Turbine Comment by Elapsed February 2016
  • Since the game doesn't have a subscription anymore, the populations are starting to go back up. There are more people running around with multiple accounts, but I also see many new and returning players. I'm also amazed by the number of people who …
  • I'd like to think a game as rich in lore as AC wouldn't go to waste. But there have been tons of successful games in the past that have never been remade or received a sequel. Many of the creatures in AC are unique and not found in typical fantasy …
    in Turbine Comment by Elapsed February 2016
  • I have mixed feelings about the expansion. When you simplify it (1 new class, 1 new mode, and 1 new act), it doesn't sound like it's worth $40. However, the new act is impressive except for the lack of CGI. Every area is unique, they didn't reuse ma…
  • They called this the "Spring 2014 Update", implying we may still get quarterly updates.
  • Originally posted by Myrdynn I am wondering if it is possible for someone to make a progression server.  I tried to get back into AC, I didnt really like the direction it went in, but would be a blast to restart from day 1 Day 1 with tinkering add…
  • I could probably get into deck building over time. Still I wish I could play basic vs. basic until I get bored and become more familiar with all of the cards. Since you get matched against custom decks, you pretty much have to jump right into deck …
  • If you're only looking to try the game out, then yeah the $12 sucks for you. EQ isn't completely free to play. EQ has an item shop. There's no item shop in AC, which I prefer. I'd rather pay $12 a month and have access to everything. If you are jus…
  • I'm almost done with hell mode. I've only found 1 legendary my entire time playing. Are they really that rare? Kind of disheartening.
    in End game Comment by Elapsed August 2013
  • Playing a Wizard. I'm getting through it, but the groups of champions are kicking my ass badly.
    in End game Comment by Elapsed August 2013
  • Originally posted by nariusseldon Originally posted by Elapsed I don't understand the hate of the auction house. I haven't bought anything yet, but I look at D3 like an MMO. If I end up spending around $15 a month in the AH, it's the same as an …
    in End game Comment by Elapsed August 2013
  • Originally posted by Gorwe Smite is awesome, but not in joust mode. The mere thought of playing 1v1 in a team oriented(and ergo balanced) game makes me cringe. I played like 5 games and I saw that it wasn't for me. Otherwise, all of them can be …
    in 1v1 MOBA's Comment by Elapsed July 2013
  • You mean like Tekken, Mortal Kombat, etc.? Not enough variety for me. Just mashing buttons. I like the top down camera angle as well since I like RTS's. I like MOBA's, but I don't like with teams every time since I'm used to playing 1v1 in RTS's. Th…
    in 1v1 MOBA's Comment by Elapsed July 2013