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  • First off there are clan v clan wars which is all over except in town.  As far as afking... the pvp will take care of that.  I am 50+ and am still afking in open beta but its over night and i may get one or 2 lvls doing that but its a toss up. IF…
  • Well I hail from Lineage2 and this game well is every afkers dream.  If you work it right you will stay alive.  I xp by day and afk by night, been playing for about 3 weeks doing only xp quest in the area and am 50+.  The quest for the most part hav…
  • Yes the Surname is all yours but there is a guild system in which you can make a clan so you can all have the same title there.
  • Originally posted by Torak Originally posted by Althia your a brat and a pita (pain in the asz) Good thing you cleared that up, my mind was in the gutter lol no problem *grin*
  • your a brat and a pita (pain in the asz)
  • i got two words for you BRAT..... and PITA
  • naw go check L2 blah, the official forums, the clan forums there are still plenty of other forums besides this one.... so no i wont believe the game is dead ^_^ LONG LIVE L2
  • Originally posted by Galaxiaceles I'm pretty sure you replied to the wrong person  =/ ....  I play on Lionna oh i wasn't saying that you played on franz just saying that i never heard of people getting banned for not botthing
  • Originally posted by Torak Teon is pretty nice, I've met alot of really nice people. You can play how you want. Its a game, play for fun, not as a job (this isnt WoW lol) lol and i would have said that l2 is a way of life... *shrugs* but i have …
  • lol torak your posts are impossibly long... ^_^  this is my two cents on pvp in L2... its the best i have experienced in any mmo that i have played.  I just love it... (though recent changes have made it not as risky as before....) but in order t…
  • Originally posted by OphielleDiab Ah ok i was gonna ask if anyone wanted my toon she has 3-4 plat and absolutly loads of items i think something like 250k D grade soul shots + full set of D grade weapons and armour. Sovrath whats your toons name in…
  • Originally posted by Galaxiaceles Bartz or Teon ... Bartz .. .currently being ruled over by Ex-Lionnians ( LOL!!!! ) Seig is .. I dunno ... don't hear about it .. Kain ... mucho mucho bot complaining .. lots of servers have bot / ebay complainin…
  • there are actually a lot of free to play mmos out there for those who just don't have the play style to make paying for a game worth it
  • If I had quit everytime i lost gear... /sigh.. Though what you say Blazer sucks.. I can understand your feeling though on Kain i can't really say that i have seen the bots train us its usually always the other way around... The only explination i ha…
  • Originally posted by Torak Originally posted by Kelsonmac I've also been playing L2 since open beta . . sort of. I quit for a while, but couldn't find anything better and came back to stay. A few comments. Beginning playing in Lin…
  • Ah ok well you and i both know that different server means different economy/playstyle/ and all our everything *grin* i i was curious ^_^
  • hey torak what server are you on?
  • god the old days make these days look like a joke but i will tell you what a a healer i would not go back period though cruma days and toi days were the freaking best!
  • or people lvling sub 40s for clan points *grin* but i guess thats still money in the bank for ncsoft lol however there are still plenty of people in game and sieges still huge enough to cause lag so i believe your right i was just worried cause it…
  • lol survival of the fittest i like that *grin* As far as the game economy goes I have no clue what will happen and this is why: * people will continue to blow things up as far as equipment goes so as long as things continue to mad…