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  • wether i play it really depends on a few things. its release being pushed back is one major issue, if its not out when earthrise hits beta then WAR might miss the boat. theres the possibility if WOTLK is awesome  then i might go back to WoW, tho…
  • so they forced all the french players to move server so they could create a server thats even more dead than the french one was, lol thats funny stuff
  • the pvp server at 0%? i though everyone wanted the pvp server. people used to always be saying the wanted the old days drops etc so why is noone on it? been contemplating checking NC out again, but those pop figures dont look good
  • hi eled, they blocked off 1/2 the forums, you need to link account up now to get the rest. guess they didnt want people seeing whats going on. think some vets have gone back with nc2.1 though im not one of them and not sure if any cartel have…
    in Hi Comment by ezza December 2005
  • imo a lot of the critisism is justified, amount of times KK have said things they are going to do that doesnt happened, or the server crashes etc. adding some changes to the landscape or weapons was never a problem with the game, sure there nice b…
  • Originally posted by Nidhogg Just to address something Ezza stated earlier, if you play on Neptune then loot falls in a belt but it's not locked and no hacking is required to loot it. Neptune is the new full-on PvP server and differs from the othe…
  • it is playable, however it does have a lot of bugs, many of which if you had played that beta version from all that time ago would recognise, since they seem to have hell of a lot of trouble getting rid of bugs more than two years old. the PvP is …
  • wonder how many people have to leave before KK learn.   on the nid thing, never had a problem with him on forum, wasnt happy about him not letting a few of us kill some Fa guys back in the day tho
  • Originally posted by VenerableD I can't remember ever seeing Neocron with more than 500 people on a server, so 200 people is hardly terrible. It plays fine with 150-200 players per server (some would say better), so long as Reakktor can pay their b…
  • give it a try, dont listen to all the bitter old vets. most people here dont play the game anymore
    in uhhh should i? Comment by ezza June 2005
  • i disagree on the stealth, pes didnt need it(i had a low tech and high tech pe myself)a decent setup and you could do well. i found it was people who had poor setus who used the stealth, they would get hit stealth attack get hit stealth etc etc unt…
  • Originally posted by Zolthar Indeed it's a little boring after some levels leveling in NC didnt bother me, i was playing matrix online now that was tedious leveling
  • ya its dead, i did see that some people did try to buy themselves a copy of NC from KK but KK didnt go for it, dont think they want anyone messing with there stuff. scared someone would improve on it proberbly.
  • if KK had of decided to sort out NC1 before releasing a poor rehash of the old game but with less fun involved they might of been in a better position now. you can say nc now is for hardcore gamers but imo thats rubbish. back early retail all the …
  • must be one of the few mmorpgs that require you to phone to cancel.   everyother ive played they dont need it. ill proberbly be giving them a call soon, the game has rapidly become stale
  • the pops still hover around the 200- 300 mark, sometimes less depending on when you play. doubt they will merge the servers, they never done it in NC1 even when pluto hit rock bottom
  • i usually check out this section of the site, however with playing matrix online, having account problems with neocron and directx 9c not installing so i cant reactivate my SWG account ive not had much time to check here. if you played NC2 at all …
  • Originally posted by baconops When I first got this, C2P messed up information and closed my account with my ** Melee Tank on it. I had to spend 3 days with them on just getting it back, but I finnaly did. On neocron's official forums, the admin i…
  • Originally posted by baconops BTW, Patch 131 was just released a few days ago fixing a few things and adding some noob stuff. They trying to fix up NC2 before the International release, and what I hear from the the dev team is that there should be…
  • as far as i can see theres a fair few people playing, most the time when i play the servers are rates as High. in game pretty much were ever i have been so far i have encountered other players