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  • Originally posted by hanime A new 7mins Trailer Awesome. Also tons of new screens from korean beta released recently.  [url]http://www.flickr.com/photos/ragnarok2/[/url]
  • Originally posted by Firebird1 It is still in Development from what I understand.  Games like RO2 that are in development at an early stage are not listed because many of them are never made..... Not really heh. There are many games in…
  •  Looks soooo good Cant wait hehe   Anyone know if there's any rough concept art or pics of the dimago's?
  • Error caused by a video device driver Thank you for sending an error report to Microsoft. Error report summary Error type Windows stop error (A message appears on a blue screen with error code information) Solution available? Yes Wh…
  • The game i'm usually playing is DAOC and i would say it's a pritty graphically intesnse 3d game. System specs proc : AMD atholon 64 3800 + Ram : 1gb vid card : Geforce 6800 gt , memory: 256mb
  • It's not crashing anymore when i browse but it's crashing very fast once i try to play a game. So i'm pritty sure its the gfx card , anyone know a prog that shows your gfx card temp? Because mine doesn't seem to come with any heat monitor.
  • Originally posted by xpyrofuryx Originally posted by nooblet here are the temps (the ones i could find atleast lol) CPU temp - 43.5C/110 F MB temp - 18C/64 F CPU fan speed - 3358 rpm chassis fan speed - N/A Power fan speed - 2700 RPM CP…
  • here are the temps (the ones i could find atleast lol) CPU temp - 43.5C/110 F MB temp - 18C/64 F CPU fan speed - 3358 rpm chassis fan speed - N/A Power fan speed - 2700 RPM CPU q-fan -disabled Chassis q-fang - disablded
  • Originally posted by Cowinspace Sounds like an overheating graphics card, check it and make sure the fan is working properly. You may need to clean it out with some canned air, or at worst replace the cooler. Thanks i'll see if that will he…
  • Top two 1. Looks like the character customization will have alot of depth , moreso than almost any game out on the market , atleast it seems that way. 2. Large Non-instanced world which will hopefully lead to more player interaction and stronger m…
  • It has potential to be a pritty good f2p game. There's lots that they need to fix/work out but i say a couple months from now if the population picks up and they fix the lag issues and twink some of the gameplay mechanics  it could be quite an enjoy…
  • Hmm... I've been playing it for about an hour now and it's not half bad for an f2p Model. Quite a few bits and peices of text and npc interaction is still in spanish though. The graphics are actually suprisingly nice for an f2p but the combat seems …
  •  Wayyyy too many people  I got like 2 kills in everfrost in the course of 20 mins lol. It sure is packed.
  • Originally posted by LordMagnus Speaking of the The Vinci Code, weren't they making a movie for it? I heard about it a while ago and I wanted to read the book but never got around to it. Yeah the movie is coming out this summer starring Tom Hanks.
  • The Da Vinci code is a must read. The belgariad series is also very good.
  • Originally posted by Kiamde I just don't like a lot of you anymore. Most of you are egotistical pricks who really can't go a week without making a thread about yourselves, or posting three paragraphs on crazy things you have done, as if we cared. Re…
  • No link? Well this has just been one big tease!
  • Fable took me 7 and a half hours to beat...and i did a get majority of the secrets and spent sometime fooling around which added an addiontal 3 hours or so...so 10 hours total and about 7 to complete. Shortest fucking rpg ever. Good game but incredi…
  • Originally posted by Sackynut he sounds like elmo Haha I know which makes it even more funny. It actually sounds like a combination of kermit the frog / elmo / yoda. aha
  • nope