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  • OFFLINE MESSAGES: ALL MMORPG games need an off-line mail system for sending messages to players who are off-line. World of Warcraft does it best. You can send messages and items through the mail. You can also tell if the recipient has read them me…
  • Best MMO ever made. I'm so glad it is back! The new owners are awesome!!!
  • To Laura's Family, thank you for letting us know what happened. I can't even imagine what you are going through. This is so sad and so sudden. I had no idea she was so young
  • Originally posted by Sxarlet lol why post it everywhere, except on Ryzom's own forums?   (and what i am really saying, you beat me here too :P )   Quick question: where are the official Ryzom forums? Are they here --  http://arispotle.yubovi…
  • I thought Silan was a good intro to the game. It showed new players what they could do and learn. I also like how the mainland is different. It isn't a quest grind like so many other games. Ryzom is a sandbox game, you explore, hunt, craft, pvp, gat…
  • I hope it comes back. I don't even care if our accounts and/or characters are intact. I have been wandering aimlessly through the vast sea of MMO's for the last few months. None of them are as good as Ryzom.
  • Wow. I hope it is for real as well. I wonder if our characters and accounts will have survived? Not that I mind starting over.
  • Someone told me that the warehouse is shared. Was it shared before? And now it is not? It seems like most of the newer MMO's allow all of your avatars on the same server to access the same warehouse.
  • Wow, I have it set to max out at 256kps and do not exceed anywhere close to 200 MB/ hour. You can set the bandwidth in the client loader. I suggest the min for your connection.
    in Bandwidth? Comment by Sieges111 May 2008
  • Originally posted by Briansho The also made items L for limited so you cannot repair them and have to buy new ones. This move is one of the crappiest things they have done to the "game". You can no longer make real investments with your real …
  • Any news on when Ryzom is coming back?
  • Originally posted by Pappy13 No, people don't have 20 pets, the most I think you can have at anytime is 3; 2 in the stables and 1 with you.  They may have tamed 20-30, but you can only keep 3 at a time. Did you dismiss the pet or abandon it?  When …
  • Originally posted by Pappy13   Originally posted by Sieges I am a level 10 hunter and am getting ready to tame a pet. I have a few basic questions about them first: Do combat pets need to eat even if they are not summoned? Can you eve…
  • Ok, one more question about BC: I downloaded the files for World of Warcraft (sans BC). Then I upgraded online - no retail package. I figure if I reinstall on a different PC, I can just re-download. What happens if I upgrade to BC online and dow…
  • Thanks for the info guys. It looks like it costs $29 to upgrade online vs. Wal-Mart selling the expansion for about $20. That is kind of weird that it would be cheaper to buy physical media. EDIT: the online walmart store lists it as $29, as wel…
  • Originally posted by Pappy13 Originally posted by Perilous1 Showing the free space of additional bags without opening them has never been an ingame feature. It's only available via third-party interface addons.   Actually it was just added…
  • Do you mean that showing the free space of additional bags has never been a feature? Or that I should not even be able to see the free space of my existing bag?
  • Thank you! I guess I was just over-thinking the situation. It seems like Blizzard has thought of everything. In other games I have played, the ability to undo something with an NPC is often asked for, but never implemented.
  • I hope there are new buyers soon. I have not played another game that was as fun as Ryzom. Atys is a great planet and I miss her
  • Virtualcitizenship.org had some information regarding the purchase, but everything is still up in the air. I hope we see the return of Ryzom someday. It was my favorite game.