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  • #1, of course, the skill system... ability to create your own, custom, actions. #2, character developement.. ie. skill based system .. say no to template progression. #3, dynamic world... Critters migrate from season to season, carnivores pray o…
  • Too little too late. Personally, there is no way I am going to pay to beta test this POS, relic of a game, again.
  • Heya, While I probably can't answer all your questions .. I will try to relate some usefull info your way 1) In short, and this is just "IMHO", there is none. The reason I say this is because the game does a good job with character progression.…
  • I'm probably not the best person to respond to this, seeing as I have not played since beta and am into the 14 Day Trial for the moment, but.... This game seems completely different then say EQ2, SWG, WOW, etc... ..how? .. well .. it uses a skill …
  • Heya, I'm on the 14 Trial in this game now, last time I played it was in beta(...always feel its best to skip the initial growing pains, hehe). The game has vastly improved since playing it last .. granted .. I have not left the starter zone yet…
  • Only thing I could recomend is the obvious, check if there is enough HD space and make sure that the patch server is not getting blocked somehow. Other then that, not sure what could be stopping it form getting through
  • Heya, Doing the trial too but for me it has been a positive experiance thus far. Played this game in beta so was expecting things to be a bit more problematic .. but .. no problems so far ....even the torrent download was very quick If you c…
  • Any idea if the pass covers multiple copies of one game?   ie. person with two SWG accounts would still need two Sony Station accounts .. or can they be included in the one, twenty some dollar, plan? EDIT: Ah, nvm .. think I found the answe…
  • "because the medics were healing tumblers, to get XP these tumblers would pay the medics. Just insane. which leads me to the next items"   lol   wtf were you on when you wrote that little bit?
  • I also do not receive the option to purchase it online, yes .. even tried setting up a new accounts with PlayNC and giving Netherlads for the location. Problem for me is that I am in Poland for a couple months at the end of which I am going back t…
  • The problem I had with FFXI is not that it is group orianted, even tho the problems do stem from there, its the sheer amount of time that you have to dedicate to gathering/finding a group.  ....then hoping it stays together long enough to get some…
    in Nice game... Comment by logar July 2004
  • Since the layoffs at AE it seems like they might actually be getting their act together and finally putting some effort into progress. There has actually been some communication from the devs( aye, I know .. shocking eh?) and they have outlined s…
  • I was told by support that only people outside North America are given the option to buy the cd-key online, and even then its only specific countries. Anyone able to tell me what countries those might be?