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  • Originally posted by Loke666 Marvel is working on something, it might take over. I dont think the character creaton was so great, the great thing was how you designed your clothes. That was really varied and you could create almost anything. I …
  • I often wondered how the dynamic events would be, once the zerg horde moved on over the course of the next few mos.  I think they will be played how ANet wanted them to be played, but only time will tell, I guess. 
  • Originally posted by MMOExposed I remember somebody warning the community about the grind, but that person was bashed big time. What was the person's name again? IIRC, your version of "grindy," was trying to compare GW2 to an AsianMMO grind fest.
  • Originally posted by Eir_S That was the stupidest thing I've read in a while, and what's more obnoxious is that you put GW2 in the title just to get more hits.
  • Originally posted by Mannish 1)Clearly this game was not ready and needs at least another year before release. 2)They need to redo the combat system because its too simplistic, awkward and boring, 3)give the dynamic events real purpose to where its…
  • Originally posted by RoyalPhunk I don't get these threads. *Buys guildwars 2 *makes a weak password or gets keylogged *blames anet for own fail. (why u no protect me from myself Anet) *posts on forums like they are speshul.   utterly abs…
  • Originally posted by Praetalus Hello all,    I just got an email from Anet that said someone (Hopefully you!) it said, had requested a password change. So I didn't click on the link in the email, I deleted it and went to the guild wars 2 account…
  • Originally posted by Adelbern Not suprized at all I would recommend GW2 to any gamer out there. The bad feedback in this forum is just a bunch of haters that got no life I gave up participating in their threads. I think the statement highlighte…
    in Sold out Comment by Misthawk August 2012
  • Originally posted by MMOwanderer Why do you keep making so many threads and not responding to them? I've noticed that too.  I want to call it borderline baiting.
  • Originally posted by Nadia i have no idea what the pic is   but i do know this guy that used to 40 box in WOW said he was moving over to GW2 http://www.mmorpg.com/discussion2.cfm/thread/360352/40-Multiboxer.html I am not planning to play whe…
  • Originally posted by Syno23 Not saying anything anything bad about GW2. Just wanna bring up a legit issue tht I've been having. I joined a huge guild. I picked the biggest server ever in GW2. I do things to avoid what I am seeing in Dynamic Events…
  • Originally posted by DanitaKusor I saw this and thought lunch time... hmm pizza... I thought it did at first too.  I detect foul-play (editing)!
  • I won't be able to play, until hours after it goes live, so pretty mellow here, for now.
  • Originally posted by dzoni87 Originally posted by Jyiiga By far the most populated according to multiple polls and those polls are only a fraction of what you will end up with. ....... Oh my god.  This much ammount of people/guilds on one …
  • Already being an altoholic, I think I am going to actually try to focus on 1-2 characters at a time, instead having 4 or more going all at once.  That being said, unless people are trying to reserve several names, I don't see why anyone would buy mo…
  • In the countries I know of, gender plays a role in calling an officer sir/ma'am.  In the some fictional worlds, the term "sir" is used as a unisex title.  However, this thread already looks like a baiting/trolling thread, so not sure why others are …
  • "Originally posted by RebelScum99 This thread is Prime Example A why GW2 fans have a certain..."reputation" in the MMO community." Hmmm, I don't know.  The GW2 posters always came across to me as a good crowd, unless an unruly naysayer came to the …
  • Maguuma, but still not set in stone.
  • Originally posted by ariboersma I didnt buy any of the three as I played all three before launch, all I knew wouldn't do well for very different reasons. I kind of thought the same thing, but in the back of my mind, I wanted to be wrong.
  • Yep, all 3 here.  May as well include Rift in that, since it did come out last year as well.  Also made the mistake of also purchasing G&H last year; the perfect example of something released before it was done.