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Have played EQ from the beginning and have played DAoC and Horizons and Raven Sheild.


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  • Well I and several friends gave up EQ 2 for WOW and do not regret it, WOW offers some very big differances in gaming that are not in EQ.  You are not as group necessary and you have many things to do that do not require as much time and grinding. …
  • I too would recommend using Spyware blaster as well as Adaware SE as they will help keep your machine clear of these items.  I use Zonealarm Pro for a firewall and it is much better than the one in XP You can get both Spywareblaster and Adaware…
  • I was glad to get the report on what is up because now as least I do not feel like a Water Buffalo in the Desert waiting on the rain.   LOL keep us informed and we will keep you entertained   Bildgerat LiL'Pirate
  • OK so I got my e-mail and instructions on how to proceed now, ignore my prevous post Bildgerat LiL'Pirate
  • Well I am in Beta but still waiting to hear what my next step is after winning, I have not recieved anything in any format from RYL.  I am sure they will contact us soon but wow I want the game so I can start playing Bildgerat LiL'Pirate
  • OK that is a good post but how does a harcore member know more about project X than the rest of us do when the MMORPG staff has not posted that anywhere that I can find?   Please explain as I am not sure how that information is out as they have …
  • Your type is: ESK. 3% of respondents so far fall into that type.     Bildgerat LiL'Pirate
  • You're numbers on FFXI are wrong.  1) one of the other guys posted a link to back me up, It's over 500K ACCOUNTS.  2) You've never played FFXI,counting characters works because they make you pay for every single character you make.  (I very much dis…
  • Woot I am in, now the waiting begins I will look forward to seeing many of you online Bildgerat LiL'Pirate
  • Would there be any news on when this is going to happen, I dont think my old heart can take the suspense of just not knowing. Bildgerat LiL'Pirate
  • OK so I am giong to be out of town saturday and sunday, what are the chances we will know somthing before then so I dont come home and find our I missed it ?????? Bildgerat LiL'Pirate
  • I see this as a good idea but the dev time and money it costs to make a RPG would have to be recoupable somehow and would it balance with the quality that people expect when they are paying for a game.    I for one get tired after 4 or 5 months…
  • Thannk you for the help, I was wondering about the active account as well as I have looked and might be interested in this game, from what I see it seems pretty nice and looks powerful.  If I get into the beta I will go ahead and try it and based on…
  • I promise that I have put NO spyware in Project X up to this point, now as I am not of any importance I am not sure why this is needed info but hey why not.     Bildgerat LiL'Pirate
  • Well it kind of is a message to all of us who have payed for all the expansions up to now individually, just wait till the game is going strong and then just buy this type of package and save hundreds of dollars.   If no one purchases it up fron…
  • I was really looking forward to this game but I aslo have had no luck connecting and getting set up, I will however give it some time and see how it looks in the beta stages Bildgerat LiL'Pirate
  • I played Horizons for about 3 months and it ran out of content and there was nothing to do other than grind, I am not big into trade skills and Horizons uses that as a big part of their economy.  It was nto a bad game just not to my likeing. Bildg…
  • Well as they stated it would be out near the end of this month I would assume that we are on the verge of knowing.  I for one am hoping that I get to participate in this and that it will be soon. Bildgerat LiL'Pirate
  • Xfire happens to be one of the best creations next to teamspeak for keeping in touch with you frinends, they have a good list of games that you can monitor your friends with and it makes life easier when trying to find you buddys and they are consta…
  • The questionnaire: Section 1 Age:39 Gender M Occupation: Technical Support Nationality: USA 1. Roughly how many online games (Graphic based only) have you played so far in the last 5 years? What are they?  :5 2. How many hours do you play per we…