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  • For all around effectiveness and style: 1. FWG5 - favorite pistol for looks and near the top in damage.  Heat resistance was scarce in the wild. 2. Laser Carbine - decent damage and range modifiers, AP1, looked cool too. 3. Vibro Knuckler - th…
  • I didn't exactly play hooky from work, but I did take off as soon as was practical.  I almost didn't get in that first night because I didn't preorder a copy of the game.  Luckily, the Gamestop on the way home had one last copy of the CE.  Yes! Go…
  • Correction, Chessack. This part didn't end up proving true. And the bottom line is (it has been proven) we will still play it.
  • Mine is from beta.  For the first 3 weeks, I never left Tyrena.  Then one evening, I decided to visit Coronet.  We all have a story like this - not knowing about shuttles, I set a waypoint and started walking. Between bugs and getting incapped cons…
  • Go back to the first release version (or maybe the last beta version since there were major bugs that were fixed at the end of beta that made it into Live) and run the beta test until it's really done.  Use lessons learned from the last three years …
  • Doc was a hybrid of most of the elements I loved about the game.  Firstly, docs had the non-combat, social gameplay of buffing and wound healing.  Secondly, docs had powerful heals and cures that were an asset to a group in combat.  And finally, on …
  • *raises beer glass in Rabia's direction* It's been a pet peeve of mine since beta that the female toons in SWG just don't quite look like women.  "Booty" slider, anyone? Also, twi'lek heads don't quite look right, at least on the PCs.  Oola looks …
  • The Han Solo books are excellent.  A.C. Crispin is the author.  Those were the books I was reading back in March, 2003 to get myself excited about SWG.  And not a Jedi to be seen.... Leia appears in one of them as a little girl bouncing on daddy's …
  • But does it come with the half naked female mannequin torso in the back?
  • Originally posted by Torak The chart shows a sharp decline from July 05 to Jan 06. That would say to me (because no one knew of the NGE until Nov) that the game was nose diving before the NGE. The chart shows a decline because there isn't data …
  • Originally posted by Elnator Originally posted by Shayde Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbour? HELL NO... and it's not over now. Um Shayde? Just a clue:  The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor... not the Germans   Germany never attacked…
    in May 24th 2006 Comment by Ospek May 2006