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  • I think the simple idea of having PvE content in a MMOFPS is very intriguing. Its probably a big focus on whats to come in future online gaming and defiance will lead the pack to more sucessfull online MMOFPS games across multiple platform mmos.
  • It has day night cycles, that alone impressed me along with the atmosphere was good.  I had some intense boss battles with my friend and we had a good old time.  I have to say I was impressed how smooth the game ran but it was developed by a good co…
  • I just got done playing with a controller for a few hours, it works really well so far, I had some trouble with a boss battle with me and my friend in a group but we finished it.  I didnt see any options while I was looking through all the controls …
  • Originally posted by Vannor Originally posted by DAS1337 Seriously? Is this a growing trend on these forums?   I'll try not to be overly mean, but there is a DEFIANCE review published today on the main page of this website, RIGHT NOW.  It te…
  • Wonder how big the DL will be.
  • Some channels will put there episodes online after they air, such is the case with a show I watch called Dual survivor on the discovery channel.  Each episode that is played on national Television, about a day later it ends up on there website and i…
  • I posted a few new video links in english I found today on the link I posted. Here they are, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbkpMVgdJvU(english) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96xOS0bvGec(english)
  • I wana buy it now after all thats happened just cause its funny the devs simply dont give a shit what everyone is yelling at them hahahha!
  • I have conflicting feelings about what Iv read, I guess I dont have an opinion on it one way or another.  I just wanted to post this though, please tell me if it made you laugh in a pm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dD3OfVVVI88 cause I almost cried.
  • yea the lenovo series, i used to reference links with every laptop I suggest but i didnt here, I just figured if who ever is buying is interested they will do a search engine search any way. thx for links
  • You can get a Y400 starting for around 750 bux that has a Nvidia 650M in it  as well as having the ability to add a second one in the Ultrabay where the DVD rom is making it into an SLI machine down the road for added performance.  you can also get …
  • I think the most funny thing would be if they left space missions on there for free to play!
  • Ahh man I played COH religiously for years and years, So many good times in COH, the game has been around so long its like one of those games that started what we know today as themepark.   Theres not a day that goes by that I dont think about all t…
  • IF you take a look at this new up and coming  Fujitsu LifeBook T902 13.3 inch tablet laptop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJuYUdH50-Y which I would love to own, it shows Windowes 8 running on it, and looks freaking amazing!
  • I dont think any blizz game with ever interest me again after I played WOW for years.
  • Originally posted by Souldrainer Vanilla WoW nearly tanked before TBC came. People were enraged at space aliens and alternate dimensions in a medieval game. That said, TBC solidified the game's status as a top seller. It's a good point of reference…
  • I offer one simple plain pieace of advice, dont use that crappy shit site, I learnt long ago gamespot doesn't deserve to be spoken by my vocal cords.
  • Originally posted by wormed Aion's questing used to actually make sense to your level but incessant bitching and whining for North American pansy gamers made them change it to the ridiculous farce it is now. Just to note, Aion was ruined before th…
  • Originally posted by Atheenah Personally, im waiting for SWG 2.0 to come out, but that wont happen until SWTOR shuts down. So, i keep a keen eye on SWTORs demise. I was talkin about this the other day with my SWG friends, I always wanted a SWG2…
  • cmon guys move along, you should be playing the game not worrying about how many subscribers there are. ~O: troll face