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  • i started testing a lot of games years ago, really liked beta testing but the crap that most of us saw the last years and stuff that never came out, a list iof five is not enough hehe horizons i remember all to well, lots of promises no content …
  • gonna try all of them or most of them anyways hehe
  • Originally posted by grimboj There will be several hurdles: Waiting for key. - monday hopefully Waiting for GOA to write a page just to enter the key - 2 days Waiting for your slot in the 'manually authorise each key' queue - 1 day   i tha…
  • this time Goa seems to wrok quite well, filled in my code and boom email in a minute confirming my headstart
  • don't bother playing i haven't even been succesfull to create an account, came home from work now and it still doesn't work... hehe maybe tomorrow i can try again to create account then a few days for my beta keys and then it is headstart and everyt…
  • In a few hours the GOA team members will be leaving for home to start the same again tomorrow morning at 8.30 working regulations or something like that prevents them from working
  • new error here, every account name i try to eznter after a few times it says already in use wtf but i don't progress i just stay at step 3
  • doubt that because they don't work that much after hours they are not allowed too :-) or so they say hehe
  • don't get us wrong we are all aware that servers will crash or we can't get in but this is different in my opinion. we can't create or even try to create an account, this could have been done some time ago but ....
  • before i couldn't see the image now i can't see the site, great improvement so far hehe i give them time to one pm when OB is about to start and then i will be starting to get pissed if nothing has changed so far
  • Originally posted by Xris375 I'm guessing the same problems they had in WoW. Their authentication servers are under siege, effectively a Denial Of Service attack   not even that, they ask you to fill in some letters from an image but ther…
  • Fill in char of image but there is no image to show, doesn't seem to look i will be able to play this afternoon :-/
  • yeah i was actually impressed with the download of the OB client for us europeans downloaded it at 400-500 kb so had it in like 4-6 hours, one of the fastests ever for me. now i hope they bring the account pages up this week without problems and t…
  • I go with checking the forums every few seconds and hope they say hey you already downloaded the client you can play.
  • will play both just not sure what my first will be depends on my brother and a few others
  • same here wasn't in beta or PW cause i live in europe hehe. but now i am counting down the dyas just to get this game started or the OB in any case. Will use the OB to try out all the classes and then go with the one that makes me feel best
  • i will confess i just returned too there are a few new servers online and now full of people starting over again so it is really nice to play again  
  • i find it very hard to chose because almost every class in every race  has something that i like so i will just wait and have to see what it feels like but will try anyway. I love to have : -a hammerer melee dps -a swordmaster tank -a bright…
  • I am looking for a nice and helpfull guild that doesn't care if i miss a few days off play because of my work will try to play as much as possible but have to take care of girlfriend and work. hehe