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  • Originally posted by rockin_ufo Why there was only 60~ players on the US-East server is mind boggling to me. While this game doesn't seem fit for a big population (since the world is fairly small), having ~200-300 players on would go a long ways. Ei…
  • I'm interested and willing to donate, but would like at least an idea of the above $10 donation tier "bonuses"? Pretend you're selling me a kickstarted here, how much should i drop?
  • I started playing this game with someone and was stopped at level 4 trying to go the Traitors Cave and the only other quest we could find was one to attack a ship we couldn't kill. So agreed, it's a load of crap.
  • I must have got missed Anyone that could pass be a buddy code I would appreciate it.
  • I would like a trial key if anyone would be able to share one with me via pm.
  • Not a very impressive way to get rolling... some issues are expected, but blatantly not working? That's a whole nother ball game...
  • Originally posted by Scot Using your argument, any act by consenting adults is fine, so I guess that includes a lovers suicide pact? Hopefully you can see that life is not so easy to boil down into such simple axioms as that.   I'm beginn…
  • IMHO, there should be no restrictions on games content like this, BUT, the sales of such games need to be much stricter mandated. No more 13 year olds going into the game store and walking out with games that should carry an R rating. A consenting…
  • To the above posts.. I sure hope you all are right about patching not being this way. When I played before I would wait all tuesday to get a chance to play and it would patch sometimes into wednesday morning est. and then you still were lagging out …
  • Originally posted by samredcrash this game is a joke to any hardcore gamer.i completed the main quest in less then two weeks,and and i was banned for 3days,all they told me was to stay tunned for the next expansion.   If you paid any attenti…
  • Caught me completely off guard, It's actually a good game! The gameplay is great, the weapons and skill system work top notch and the sailing system is absolteuly a blast. Although the mobs get a litlte touchy sometimes being everywhere and other ti…
  • Yay they don't really have a download specific link. You just click login or create new account and the download will start. Im suprised the file isn't all over the place because its just a client download file. It's fairly small.
  • No it is based on dmg, only those whole deal damage to the said ship may board, you must need to learn to use our broadsides more effectively   if you are solo for the most part unless its a quest you will not get the option to board it is more …
  • FINAL FANTASY XI Vana'diel Collection 2007 Windows - Includes all expansion packs including Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia, and the highly anticipated Treasures of Aht Urhgan - Includes an exclusive fold-out map of Vana'diel with mini walk…