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  • I'm a big X-men fan and currently only own Magik as a team-up. It would be great if Domino could join her so I'll have some variety !
  • 11.20 PM GMT (so 12.20 for most of Europe). Login servers were down from 10-11 PM. And currently I'm getting a "World is full" error. Something feels odd here. How come I  get a "World is full error"  now, when I could log in earlier at peak time. …
  • 20 Thaumaturge 12 Conjurer 11 Pugilist 10 Goldsmith 10 Weaver Also have Botany, Mining, Carpentry and Leatherworking at 5+ Can't play this afternoon, but tonight I hope to get Pug to 15 and then level my mining
  • Small update - I'm now in. Cerberus server. Not my first, or even second choice. But at least it's EU!
    in Fixed Comment by Antipathy August 2013
  • Originally posted by Alberel To those saying 'it's your fault'... Every single EU server is now locked! I'm pretty sure that leaves us with no option at all.   Yes - that's a real issue..... I could create a character on NA - but then any pr…
    in Fixed Comment by Antipathy August 2013
  • I admire the effort you've put into your campaign. That must have been a huge amount of work. However that's fairly unusual. I've been gaming a long time, and I think I only know one ref IRL who's been continuously running a campaign that long.   …
  • Originally posted by maplestone Y That's the part I am pointing to when I talk about PnP games - not the rules, not the modules, but the waves of history crashing up on fantastic shores, accumulating the debris of each player's contribution to his…
  • Originally posted by EricDanie Check beta forums for the new launcher. Which beta forums? If I look at the forums from closed beta, the last game update announcement was posted on the 10th of July. Is there another set of forums I should look at?
  • Originally posted by aspekx you didnt get a beta access key? I received access to the closed beta. Do I need a separate key for open beta?
  • Originally posted by hellsnot I do not really think i should be cutting and pasting qoutes while im driving but it seemed clear it's an innovative game not following the traditional mold that has been done coutless times I'm holding off until Sony…
  • Try playing a MOBA like League of Legends. You will never complaing about an MMORPGs community again. everyone start talking trash about Sony because they're trying to do something different Are they? Have Sony actually announced what they are do…
  • WoW has military style ranks for attaining ratings in rated battlegrounds: See: http://www.wowwiki.com/Title#Return_of_PvP_Titles_in_Cataclysm
  • Originally posted by BearKnight "Looking for Group" tool was always empty for anything other than end-game instances or dungeons/raids. Not sure what game you're playing - I started fairly recently and have had no problems finding groups, and pla…
  • I played an Elezen pugilist in 1.0 and a Hyur lancer in Closed Beta So for open beta and release, I think I'll give a  Roegadyn (Hellsguard)  Thaumaturge a try (I won't play Miqo'te because they will be too common, whilst Lalafell are far too cute…
  • Just skipping between games at the moment. Nothings really holding my attention until FF comes out. The Secret World, Diablo 3, Marvel Heroes, Starcraft 2, League of Legends
  • You defeat her by surviving lane (dodge those q's!) and then being more useful than her in team fights. In mid game, both her damage and utility in team fights is considerably lower than many other AD carries. Personally I'd pick Varus into Caitlyn…
  • In most games you kill loads of mobs as an objective for quests. Kill 10 goblins. Collect wolf pelts etc. etc. Whilst TSW is very light on kill quests. Instead you end up meeting monsters as you're moving around because they are in the way. What's …
  • Elite Disgaea Total war series World of Warcraft League of Legends Magic the Gathering (the card game, not the computer game)
  • Originally posted by popinjay Calling people trolls and insulting them isn't allowed. Just ask the question without the side comments and I'm sure it would have been ok.   I didn't call him a troll. I called his post a troll. So now we'r…
  • Originally posted by Etra Originally posted by Antipathy Could you OP please show us some sort of evidence of his "1 hour limitation"? This looks awfully like a troll to me. Yeah... I have no idea what he's talking about with a one hour…