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  • I absolutely love the old Shiva Theme (Original opening theme) from Eve Online. Gets me oh so nostalgic. =') http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcYO2Rj-LBo&feature=related Another one that I love is Below the Asteroids http://www.youtube.com/w…
  • Freaking awesome trailer CCP! My favourite so far by far, need MOAR! =D
  • Anarchy Online also has a very good LFG system. You have a window where you can search people LFG in your area or anywhere. It only displays those within your level range also. I don't understand why all games can't have this by now, it's a very sim…
  • It seems to be pretty much prime time now, and the queues are no where near as bad as they used to be. I was expecting to get hit with a 2 hour queue just now and was pleasantly surprised that there's only about 700 people with a 30 min wait  for my…
  • I accidently this thread.
  • When I first tried to register my account and game I had problems loading the page. I constantly got timeout problems and the website was generally very slow, granted this was the 25th and official release day in the EU so I don't know if it's still…
  • Originally posted by Fyendiar Originally posted by apollo99 The best that you can do is just keep clicking join server. Eventually you'll get into the queue but they're all 2hours+ long with 2k people in them. Go outside, take a breather, wash …
  • The best that you can do is just keep clicking join server. Eventually you'll get into the queue but they're all 2hours+ long with 2k people in them. Go outside, take a breather, wash the dishes... etc. Just relax
  • I just connected to servers then. They seem to be fine now, site is still down though.
  • Ouch man, at first I thought it was just my end. I was 44/1060 in queue for getting in and I suddenly get a disconnection message. Naturally I wasn't too pleased but tried to log back in anyway and couldn't get back to the server list. Hopefully it'…
  • Posting in another Grind thread. Seriously, there should be a sticky named "The official Grind Thread".
  • I've heard that there is a Paypal option. Is this true? And would I be able to activate my account if I used Paypal?
  • http://www.steampowered.com/v/index.php?area=app&AppId=8500&cc=GB As for a good corp, visit the recruitment channel in-game I suppose. There is also the the Recruitment forum on the official site
    in Too late? Comment by apollo99 June 2008
  •   Originally posted by randolph1809 There are so many more ways to pay than buying those game cards. Get a credit card, buy 30 day game time codes from sites that take paypal, or use paybycash. Stop whining, and do some research...... There is …
  • *crawls into corner and starts rocking back and forward
  • Originally posted by JADEDRAG0N Originally posted by apollo99 Originally posted by Birathen **********************is a good read, both for current players and future ones. Don't let it discurage you from trying it out, eve is still a great, fu…
  • I don't believe that's the only reason people have for hating Runescape (note I'm not a complete hater of it) I think it's the fact that it's classed as a massive 'multiplayer' game. While the game has many things that include team work (eg. Castle …
  • I wonder where Eve would be in the ratings without these 1 ratings and macro raters.
    in EVE Comment by apollo99 June 2007
  • I'm intrested in the new updates although I'm not sure about the Joystick control you mentioned. I'd like to know where you found that out but I think Eve's gameplay will be completley different in 5 years which sounds good =D
  • Oops, posted in wrong topic, move along ^^ Edit again: I don't see the point in all this fluff. The Eve player base is hardly going to be thrilled by this waste of resources.